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Just wanted to share my admiration for this community’s resiliency once again following a challenging wildfire season. The road closure caused many local businesses severe financial loss and the erratic fire behavior forced hundreds of residents to relive the trauma that was the 2020 Slater Fire. And the SMOKE, well that really sucked!
On a positive note, I hope by now some of you have noticed new signage along Hwy. 199 featuring the Illinois Valley’s native Salmon and endemic Darlingtonia or Pitcher Plant. They’re pretty to look at and serve as a reminder of how many riches there are in the valley worth protecting. Plans to spotlight two more native species in the future are in the works using the nostalgic Burma Shave-style signage.
If you haven’t noticed yet, the signs end with a website address, i.e. IV-FROG.org IV-FROG represents a local, community-led partnership which is keen on addressing our community’s risk of catastrophic wildfire in support of becoming a more fire-adapted community. It is thanks to local organizations like IV FIRE District, IV Soil & Water Conservation District and IVCanDO and others that we raise awareness of our role in protecting ourselves and the environment. In the Fire Prevention World the terms used are Highly Valued Resources and Assets (HVRA’s). I hope you agree that the ‘Resources’ which are native to this area deserve the same protection as the ‘Assets’ which are human-made.
If you want to get involved in the signage project visit www.iv-frog.org – Thanks to everyone for being an HVRA in my opinion!
Cheryl Nelson, Engagement Coordinator
Illinois Valley Fire Resiliency Oversight Group (IVFROG)
Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District