City updates code to allow sidewalk art

The Cave Junction City Council reconvened for their monthly meeting Oct. 9. Over the course of an hour and a half, there were several insightful discussions, permission was granted for a few Halloween-related events, and an ordinance to amend the city’s municipal code was read aloud for the first time.
Councilor Tina Casey-Jones mentioned that the most recent Parks & Recreation Commission meeting there was discussion about enhancing Jubilee Park for local youths and the plans for a Veteran’s Plaza and flagpole event was talked about and scheduled for Nov. 11 at 11 a.m.
Councilor Jean Ann Miles attended the I.V. Chamber of Commerce meeting Sept. 27, and broached the possibility of a toy donation box being set up outside of City Hall in anticipation of the holiday season.
The JoCo Library Block Grant Administrator Teresa Stover gave an update regarding the progress that is being made on the expansion and remodeling of the Cave Junction library. Stover explained that after many attempts at coming to a compromise, environmental engineers sent by the National Marine and Fisheries Service have concluded that it is necessary to include a storm water drainage system in the new library’s plans. This meant that the proposal needed to be revised and re-submitted, and although it was approved Oct. 3, there are still a few hurdles that need to be jumped to get the library’s timeline back on track. Namely, a few features will need to be cut in order to re-allocate some of the grant funding to the storm drainage system.

When the time for public comment came, Laura Mancuso from Illinois Valley Living Solutions gave an update regarding the progress of I.V. HOPE Village; the transitional living facility for the Illinois Valley’s unhoused. Mancuso said the group is waiting for structural plans in order to put the project out to bid. She also announced that she got a scholarship and will be traveling to Washington D.C. to discuss the project at the National Housing Assistance Council that focuses on rural communities.
Toward the end of the meeting, Ordinance 601 was read aloud for the first of two times by the city recorder. This ordinance would serve to amend the city’s municipal code and allow for the inclusion of block parties and a Paint the Pavement program. With this adjustment of the municipal code, such events could be held within the city limits, provided that event organizers apply for a permit and follow several guidelines outlined within the ordinance.
Also worth noting was the approval for amplified sound that was given to the annual Harvest Festival held by Bigfoot Print and Copy, and the IVHS Haunted House at Jubilee Park. During the public comment section, discussion was also given whether or not to add a Trunk or Treat event in the Jubilee Park parking lot during the Haunted House event. A decision was pending based on plan submittal and a vote by city council by email.