Unsupervised DJ has a show from below

DJ Unsupervised
(Courtesy photo for the Illinois Valley News)

“The Show From Below” with DJ Unsupervised said he named his radio program after the belief, “Meaningful change will only come from below.”
A first time DJ, Unsupervised, a.k.a., Garland Williams, became involved with KXCJ by way of the Illinois Valley News and the Cave Junction Farmers’ Market in May 2022 after moving to Selma at the end of November 2021. Williams said, “Being new to the area I found and started reading our weekly I.V. newspaper where I saw the announcement for CJFM in the beginning of May 2022. I went to every market all season long. A regular thing was to walk past the KXCJ-LP booth to be asked, ‘Have you ever thought about being a DJ?’ I didn’t give it a thought ‘till August, then gave in and signed up. First show was Sept. 2 2022. And I’m taking on Friday’s “Good Mornin’” show weekly starting Sept. 1.”

(Another DJ, Birdie, who also partners with her husband Kimo to bring the Valley “Island Style” Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m., doubles up and does the “Good Mornin’” on Wednesdays. The station is still looking for someone to fill the Monday slot so if you’re interested in local news, and want to have a blast sharing some of your favorite music, give the station a call and become KXCJ’s newest volunteer DJ.)
Getting back to DJ Unsupervised, “I get to play my favorite music while being a big kid. The phone calls and in person comments are always great, and are often surprising takes I hadn’t thought of,” he said.
Williams loves being involved with community radio. “Number one, it is NOT corporate. It’s a platform not controlled by an advertising firm 3,000 miles away. We, the local community, call the shots. It would be great to have a gardening show, old-time-radio type story-show, a couple of youth driven shows. What an awesome tool for a rural community,” he said.
And KXCJ isn’t the only organization lucky enough to have Williams. He also shows up on Wednesday afternoons in Jubilee Park to lend a hand to Josephine County Food Bank distribution. “I very much enjoy participating in the communities I live in. Being a volunteer DJ is a great fit for me. Music has been a part of my life forever – listening as an infant, choosing favorite bands and songs as I got older; learning to dissect songs; visualizing what’s being played; teaching myself how to play guitar. Then starting to write songs and playing in garage bands. I want to encourage folks to engage with the station. Find a favorite show, become a regular listener. Donate a buck or two on a regular basis. Send comments, requests and ideas in. My show is very one way at the moment. I welcome participation.”
Check out “The Show From Below” with DJ Unsupervised and listen to some pop, rock n’ roll, and a few things in between. It airs Fridays at noon on KXCJ-LP, 105.7 FM, Cave Junction!