Tee Tattler

Hello and end of summer greetings from the IVCC golf course!
In this week’s action, we had our big dollar event- the annual Calcutta tournament. We had 12 four-person teams of men and mixed teams and two all womens’ teams. Emily was not feeling well so she gave up her spot to Sherry who joined up with Sue, Jaime and Jamie. Their team sold for $400 and had a 13.36 handicap. The other all-ladies’ team were Heidi, Ramona, Kendyl and Gina, all ladies from past Hayes Hill, their team had a handicap of a whopping 16.96 and they sold for $700. The out of towners won the all-ladies’ Calcutta 61-66 for a nice payoff for coming all the way to Cave Junction.
Not much other news this week, so I’ll list the entire field and results:
Randy, Jason, Donny and Reggie (Men’s League victors, beat out me, Todd, Danny and Dustin by one stroke) 7.98 hdcp sold for $1250
Johnna, Andy, Jason James 6.11 hdcp sold for $2600
Roger H, Kyle, Mode, Huey 6.36 hncp sold for a high of $2800 won first Gross
Jordan, Pete, Jim and Jakob 6.93 hncp sold for $1000
Colby, Troy, Ty and Jim 7.96 hncp sold for a paltry $500 won 3rd Net
Billy, Travis, Terry and John 6.8 measly hncp sold to Jakob for a whopping $1900
Scott, Mikey, Matt and (semi-pro) Ryan hncp (a huge) 8.33 sold for only $500
Todd (perpetual club champion), David, Danny and Jesse 7.83 hncp sold for a decent $1300
Nate (Applegate champ, former touring pro), Dustin (aka Hudson’s dad), Roland and Shea 6.62 hncp sold for $1300
D’Lynn (held Dutcher Creek low score for a few weeks, until Roger jealously beat him), Graham, James, Lucas hncp 6.96 sold for $1000
Hunter (Eugene’s best, swings like Tiger Woods) Chris (sleeper, looks like a regular guy but boom! he won the Friday night horserace), Chris (double of the other Chris) and Jeffrey Nichols hncp 6.73 sold for a paaaallltry $850-they won 1st Net for a huge payout.
Rounding out the field were Brett, Hailey (daughter of Brett), Dave and former waterman/greenskeeper, Moe 11.8 hncp and I bought them for only $200
Roger got both long drives with Randy and James getting KPs Jaime got a long drive as did Kendyl. Johnna (former high school champ and biggest rotation of most any lady golfer you’ll ever see) got KP on #8.
All in all, there was $1300 in the all-ladies teams Calcutta and a record $15,200 in the mixed teams’.
Buddy and Renee, from Pappy’s Pub, served up some wonderful tacos on Friday night and a delicious Ribeye steak dinner on Saturday, complete with hot cobbler and ice cream. A few of us folks stayed up late and chatted about old times in the parking lot afterward and surprisingly, no wrestling matches occurred- I guess we are all getting on in years-let’s recruit some more young folks!
I finally got the putting green just about ready to seed and water–the never ending plumbing project. I got the wires run to the valves and they all work, now just have to finish raking the last few rocks and putting seed down. I did find some “goat head” weeds and I was able to pick them and dispose of them properly, just could not get every seed–going to have to watch for those nasty things because I play all summer barefoot and those seeds are really sharp.
And finally, now that Monday night league is over, we only had just Graham and Roland show up to play skins, hopefully a bunch of guys will come back this fall and winter to watch a little football and maybe have some wings and beer to help keep the course going through the long, rainy, dark, cold, windy winter months. We finally just got all of the downed trees cleaned up and all the piles of leaves and now, here they come again!