The Lions Club Labor Day Festival turned out golden without any smoke in the air for their Jubilee celebration Sept. 2 – 4. A special thank you to all the Lions Club members and volunteers that made the festival a special weekend for all!
The cooler weather made the crowd smile …well, except for when people got sprayed with water by driver Mark Camp at Tuff Trucks.

Chuck Cavanaugh crashes at Tuff Trucks Saturday, Sept. 2
(Photo by Dan Mancuso for the Illinois Valley News)

And speaking of Tuff trucks, the trucks really wowed the crowd on Sunday for the final round of competition. It was nice to have KXCJ community radio manager Phillip there helping with the sound alongside the Valley’s favorite announcer Jim Frick. The following is a summary of the winners:
Tuff Truck winners:
First place Travis Colby with fastest time combined from Sat./Sun. of 56.341
Second place Jason Smith with 59.019
Third place Tyler Andrews with 60.334
Corn hole:
Due to the unexpected downpour of rain Saturday, the corn hole tournament went indoors. Rhino Prince and Woody Bebear were the big winners and then won the tournament again on Sunday. Prince and Bebear donated a portion of their winnings to Main Street Cave Junction. Prince says he is looking for challengers to his winning streak for next year’s competition.

Left – A happy child climbs the greased pole. Right – Many children had fun playing in the hay to find the hidden coins.

It was nice to see so many children having fun with the traditional coins in the hay and climbing the greased pole. Darlene Anderson was there with her school supplies booth, a valued LIons Club tradition. Also there were so many good choices for food this year along with the yummy Lions Burger and grilled oysters at the Clamper booth.
And it wouldn’t be a party without the great tunes being played by Merlin the Musician with Linda Marshall. New to the festival was the Line Dancing group called Scrambled Legs & Tangled Toes.” It was very entertaining to watch them dance all together in step. And two free concerts from Circle of Stone and Sqweakle had the crowd tapping their toes!
The Labor Day Parade on Monday was well-attended with families enjoying all the floats and cars on display. The Lions Club is very grateful to I.V. Chamber of Commerce President Monique Allen for organizing the parade. The parade theme was “Celebrating our Golden Jubilee.”
The parade winners were:
Best Show of Community Spirit: I.V. Wrestling Club
Most Creative Float: Wheels A Turnin
Best themed: Oregon Caves National Park

Rosie Wittman sings the National Anthem to open the festival for the first time filling in for Dawna Crocker, who has sang the anthem for 19 years, but was out of town this weekend. (More photos will be published next week.)

To end the festival the Harley Motorcycle was announced and the winner was a Valley resident, Mike Marshall. Congratulations!