Just my cup of tea

Just My Cup Of Tea was a column that ran in the ‘70s.
Originally ran in the July 1, 1971 edition of the Illinois Valley News

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Higgins, Dick George Road, took their guests Mr. and Mrs. C.N. McDaniel and Bill Harmon for a Sunday afternoon drive to the Oregon Caves. They were enthusiastic over the many rhododendrons in bloom on the way to the Caves. Later they drove over the Waldo Road and reported many azaleas in full bloom before coming to the junction of the Redwood Highway near O’Brien.
Mrs. Leta James called me Sunday morning, June 27, to wish me a happy birthday, before I could call to wish her a happy birthday. Her son Ray drove her to Gold Hill to visit her son and his wife, Earl and Emily, and her brother, Andrew Stevens. And while they were in Gold Hill her daughter and son-in-law, Flora and Myron Terpening and children Wanda and Glen, took a birthday cake for a surprise, then intended to take her up to the Caves. They waited for some time, but she did not return until quite late. So, the birthday cake was a day late, but appreciated, nevertheless.
And I had a happy, busy day on my birthday too. (But I am not going to tell you how old I am – just give you a little hint – I lined up with all the other school children to see President Taft when he went the length of Seventh Street in Riverside, Calif). I went to Sunday school and church in the morning and Phayo took me out for dinner. At 2 o’clock I participated in the dedication of the landscaping and fountain at the Illinois Valley Branch of the Josephine County Library and watched the unveiling of the plaque which honors the Charter Members of the Garden Club. After the dedication, we went to the Silver Tea given by the DAR at the museum.
Lucille Floyd introduced us to members of the DAR and told them that Phayo had recently received papers tracing his lineage to Henry Haller, born in 1720 and who was Wagon Master General in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. While viewing the doll collection and other interesting displays we met some friends, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Street, Cheney Creek Road, Wilderville. They reminded us that they had wanted to take us in their Jeep to Allentown Cemetery.
Phayo and his sister Iona had been there several years ago, but I had never been because I can’t walk that far on such rough ground. We decided that right then was as good a time as any, so up the hill and over the narrow, lumpy road we went, but our driver was very careful for which I was thankful. We found the cemetery fenced and an arch over the entrance with the name and date of the cemetery, some of the headstones which had fallen down had been cemented upright, and the big white cross was upright too.