Tee Tattler

Greetings on an extremely hot afternoon from the Illinois Valley Country Club!
Men’s Club twilight golf winds up for the summer session this week and there is a nice little clump of scores at the top so it will definitely be interesting to see which teams come out in the top places.
Top places listed this week; next we will have the entire list:
1 Kerby Electric 297.5
2 Taylor’s Sausage 292
3 True Value #2 281
4 Bud Bros 280.5
5 D&B 279.5
6 Pacific Ridgeline 273.5
7 Valley Fab 258
8 Cascade Auto 254
9 Selma Second Hand 249
10 Jake White All Night 244
The Thursday Ladies’ League has been building steadily over the summer, gaining another member almost every week. This week they had about 20 women out there, building handicaps, laughing, looking for golf balls in the woods and having a great time. I went around pestering the various groups to put together some Ladies only Calcutta teams for the upcoming event and had a little luck in getting some interest. Newcomer Sharon hit a few putts and promised that she will play next week but she said she had a nice time and the other girls were very accommodating. Bonnalea seems to be getting comfortable and she brought a friend who hit a few balls and also promised to play next week.
Tuesday a few guys got together for a $20 skins game. I was busy with irrigation stuff but was able to catch up to the small group. Dalton won 4 skins, Graham—3, Danny—1 and Losey told me that he was just there as a cash benefactor.
Then on Friday night we had an epic number show up. I will go hole by hole because it was such a fun night. Colby, D’Lynn, Troy, Danny, Jesse, Rowdy, Rhino, Todd, the “Siskiyou Vineyard Gang” (Mitchell, Tom and Travis—these guys average about 6’5”, they look like aliens from Pandora on the teebox), James, Graham, Woody, Tyler, Poke,…Joel showed up a little late with Sloane and Stella, Tracy showed up with her brand new (to her) golf cart, accompanied by her new pup—Dottie, Emily showed up a little late with Grey and Ashton, Kasey tagged along with Tyler and brought Able, Avery and Chad, and Steph said she stopped in for just a sec but ended up riding with Troy for all 9 holes. And finally, newcomer Messiah was on the driving range and, noticing his incredible swing, I invited him to play which he did. Messiah is from Grants Pass and is just 16 years old, he’s about 6’6” and swings the club like a tour pro. I think he got a little rattled by the “hit when you’re ready” format we play but he was on in regulation numerous times and made several birdies to tie holes. Onto the hole-by-hole action.
10 there were 6 putts for birdie, Colby made his birdie putt and none others until Poke stepped up at about 25 feet and somehow made his putt to tie Colby and save the skin.
11 Messiah cut the corner across the sewer pond and ended up looking across the fairway for his ball. After we had all gotten on the green, he found it clear up about 50 yards from the green. I remarked that this would be a chip for Albatross (three under par) and he smiled weakly as he viewed the low branches somewhat blocking his shot at the green. He chipped up about 15 feet, missed the eagle putt but tied the birdie putts to save the skin. D’Lynn also had an attempt at eagle by putting his second shot on at about 18 feet, he ended up making the birdie putt, I putted for birdie as well but my shot went in the hole and around the rim and back out the front side.
12 birdie attempts by Poke—nope; Messiah—nope; D’Lynn—short putt so, nope.
13 Poke and Todd are only ones on the green, wait, we forgot Emily gets to hit from Ladies’ tee; Emily puts it on and as we walk up, her ball looks closer than Todd’s—whoops, bad angle, Todd wins KP but no skin.
14 Birdie putts by D’Lynn—nope, Tom from about 16 feet, ball approaches and rims out so—nope, but wait, here is Graham from 11 feet—YAY, Graham takes the first skin. (if you were adding up all the golfers, you would see that there is $160 in the skins pot).
15 Eagle putts by Poke—nope, Messiah—nope and D’Lynn—nope, all ties to hold skin.
16 nothing of consequence, my cart got stolen by Stella and I was chasing her down so I could get my putter so I didn’t see the action but nobody seemed thrilled by the hole.
17 This was a carryover KP from #16 so there was about $25 in the pot. Tyler was on and putted for birdie but rims it and bounces out—so, nope; Tom also had a ball close for birdie but—nope; Todd was closest to win the carryover and still had his win from #13 so Todd pockets about $38.
And finally #18—Graham put one on but misses the birdie putt, D’Lynn had one close and makes the birdie putt so it looks as if Graham will have to split the pot with D’Lynn, but wait, here comes Messiah’s putt, it rolls and rolls and somehow makes its way into the hole to tie D’Lynn and steal the last Skin. This means Graham wins the entire $160 on this cool, breezy, comfortable evening.
Next Tournaments—
**Jay Miller Memorial—this Saturday, Aug 19. 4 person scramble. 9 a.m. tee time with splash for cash, prizes, steal a drive from your opponent and the popular “throw” that is an extra shot twice during the round from anywhere your ball lays.
**Popeye and Olive Oyl 2 person scramble on Friday, Aug 25. 9 holes at about 5:30 p.m., followed by 9 more in the dark. Only $60 per person, includes 2 glow balls, greens fees, carts, prizes and a little bento box dinner at the turn.