Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club!
In this week’s Men’s Club action:
1-Kerby Electric 272 2- Taylor’s Sausage 269.5 3- Bud Bros 268 4- D&B 260 5- True Value #2 252 6- Valley Fab 242.5 7- Pacific Ridgeline 235.5 8- Cascade Auto 234 9- Selma Second Hand 229.5 10- Jake White All Night 11- True Value #1 225 12- Mark and Tanner Co 206.5 13- Jerry’s Towing 208 14- Moe Aaron Co 197 15- Graham Chris Co 197 16- Maddog Logging 130
Special note: Maddog Logging has been on fire for the last few weeks. And by “on fire”, I do not mean that they are playing really good golf, I mean that they have been on a fire. Ha Ha.
The Thursday night ladies have been having such a good turnout this summer. This week Tracy and Taylor invited Chris, from Central Point and Kristine, from Wilderville to come join in on the fun. They all were having such a good time that they dug out last winter’s glow balls and played three more holes after it got dark. I do have some bad news for them though—we have invited the ladies to field teams for the upcoming Calcutta team, this means that they will all have to have a USGA card with legit scores on it, so they will have to play their own shots for the next three weeks, as opposed to playing scramble, in which your team chooses the best shot each shot and then everyone else picks up the bad shots and you hit again from that spot. I think they’ll see drastically higher scores, but maybe not!
Friday night skins had 13 of us playing for a $10 entry fee, so $130 in the pool. Troy birdied 10, Todd birdied 11, D’Lynn hit a high one into the 13th green and it plugged so deeply that we almost couldn’t find it in the center of the green. The low handicappers have set up a new rule in which we have to “validate” a KP with a par score-D’Lynn made the par putt. On 14, D’Lynn took birdie. On the short par-5/ 15th, D’Lynn and James putted for eagle; Troy, Todd and I putted for birdie. On the long par 3/16th, D’Lynn put one on close and “validated” his KP. On 17, Troy rolled up a nice shot and made his par for KP and finally on #18, D’Lynn again made a birdie for the last skin and collected a wad of cash. He spent it all at Pappy’s Pub after we got done, so that was very good, in my opinion! Grey and Ashton both hit some terrific shots-that Jr Golf program is paying dividends!
After golf on Friday night, me and John drove to Gasquet to stay in Matt’s motorhome in preparation to arrive at Salmon Run for a fundraiser tournament. Entry fee was $120 but they fed us very well with a gigantic charcuterie table for breakfast and a real nice pulled pork lunch following. We joined up with Matt’s friend Stephan and we finished at 7 under par for a third place finish. Bertha Miller’s daughter-in-law, Becky and her all-girls’ team took first place with 14 under! They were the group behind ours and I could see how they did it. Either Becky or the lady in the blue jumpsuit hit drives that approached landing on the green on par 4 holes, such power!
John then drove us home at breakneck speed so that I could meet up with Tracy and we drove over to Applegate to meet up with David and Jamie for a glow ball tournament. Tracy hit a stinger on #5 that rolled up the center fairway hill and she marked the long drive marker, her name stayed on it for most of the day until a guy scooted one just past her and then another guy a few feet past that. She felt awfully satisfied to have her name on that long drive marker for everyone to see! Jamie and David are so fun with their laughter and easy-going nature.
And lastly, the Sunday night skins guys had 6 players, my clubs were still in Tracy’s pickup so I didn’t play but instead adjusted sprinklers and marveled at how much water my fix on the river pump inlet pipe allowed into the freshwater pond, it filled to overflowing.
Chris had a KP on #4 but, for the “validation” did not collect because he three-putted for a bogie. Graham got a nice skin on the long #7 and the only par. Todd plugged a high shot into the green on #8 and barely barley validated it with a short putt that hung on the lip for a second and begrudgingly dropped in. On #9 they had 7 balls on the green, putting for birdie. Jesse smashed one straight at the cup and it hit the back side, nearly destroying the brand new cup but jumping up in the air and off the backside of the green. Chris hit uphill but, after seeing Jesse, hit too softly. Dalton hit a soft one as well and it approached the cup, looking to be short as well, the ball rested about ¼ inch from the edge but, the hole being a week or two old, had a soft edge and his ball slowly, deliberately and dramatically barely rolled in, giving Dalton the last skin.
Coming up: **Jay Miller Memorial tournament Aug. 19
**Calcutta auction tournament Sept. 8, nine –special ladies’ division in the auction—come buy your favorite team and win huge $$$.