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Dear Editor:
We cannot grow the economy by providing safety for the citizens and businesses in Josephine County without a stable source of funding for the Sheriff’s Department. I disagree with the Board of County Commissioners on many things but they are correct in pursuing the formation of a special tax district for county law enforcement. I am a senior citizen, living on a very low and limited income, a landowner, and I support raising my own property taxes to provide stability for Sheriff Daniel–and the Sheriffs’ that follow him–so that they can grow an effective department. The tax of $.99 per $1,000 of ASSESSED value (not market value) of our properties is doable for me, and my social security places me way down on the poverty level scale. I pay $410 per year to support the Three Rivers School District and I don’t have children. But I have had occasion to call for law enforcement. Services aren’t free. If I can support your kids and your grandkids, you can support law enforcement in this county.
Every other effort to provide the Department with stabilized funding has been voted down. If you’ve been a part of the scuttling of these efforts, don’t bother to call for a Deputy when your car gets stolen, your daughter gets raped, you find an armed intruder in your house when you get home, or you have a problem with your aggressive neighbors. You’re undermining the very service you will depend on in those moments. Do the right thing for the County. Vote yes on the formation of a tax district to support law enforcement in Josephine County this November.
Iris Chinook
Cave Junction