Progress made on Flat Fire includes a carefully considered decision

A vegetation fire on Holland Loop Friday, July 21 was approximately 11.25 acres.
1 barn, 1 box trailer and 2 old cars were destroyed by fire. No homes were harmed.Fire is under investigation.

(Photo by IVFD Media for the Illinois Valley News)

Agness, Ore–July 23, 2023-The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, in cooperation with the Pacific Northwest Incident Management Team 3, made a written request to the Pacific Northwest Regional Forester for permission to use heavy equipment in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness for Flat Fire suppression purposes.
The request was approved this morning and fire team operations moved forward with implementation during today’s shift. Firefighters utilized an existing old mining road near Forest Service Trail #1174, which was also utilized as a suppression line for the Klondike Fire. The dozer line starts at Game Lake and heads east, traversing the Kalmiopsis Wilderness at its northern boundary.
The road is located along a ridge (from Game Lake towards Horse Sign Butte) that has minimal to moderate serpentine scrub in combination with rocky, serpentine soils. There will be less impacts by utilizing an existing roadbed versus creating a new disturbance.
“By taking this action, we have an opportunity to check this fire on the south side,” said Acting Forest Supervisor Jake Winn.