From the mayor’s desk:

Meadow Martell

Last weekend we experienced our first smoke event this year. It is a grim reminder about the multiple tragic impacts that forest fires can have in our area. Be alert and be safe. When necessary, use air filters in your home and masks outdoors.
Our public works department has a busy week coming up. On Thursday, July 20 the city’s Public Works crew will be working in conjunction with Electric Motor & Machine and Cooks Crane to remove River Intake Pump #2 from the east fork of the Illinois River. We won’t know what is wrong with the pump until Electric Motor & Machine takes it apart in their shop and rebuilds it. This is a difficult time of the year to lose an intake pump because water usage is up considerably during the summer months. With all three pumps running the plant can produce about 1500gpm (gallons per minute). With this pump down we are closer to 1100 gpm. So, this will translate into longer run periods to fill our reservoirs. The “raw” water is conveyed from the pump station to the existing water treatment plant through a 12- inch pipe that is approximately 2,300 feet in length. Your water bills help us maintain this complicated process that provides you with clean, safe drinking water. Contrary to some beliefs, the city carefully monitors the amount of water that is withdrawn from the Illinois River intake so that we don’t exceed our water rights.
The public works department works hard to keep public services running smoothly in Cave Junction. Sometimes the work that needs to get done creates inconveniences. Instead of complaining give them a wave and a thank you. They deserve it for all their hard work.
There are other things happening around town. The grading at the new bulk water station site is almost completed. The Lil’ Pantry continues to move forward with their plans for a mini mart, gas station, and car wash. The footings for the buildings are poured, fuel tanks are in the ground and a sanitary sewer service line is connected to the sewer main. KOA is wrapping up grading of the site and underground utilities should start going in next. If I missed something or you are particularly interested in what is going on around town, let me know. You can email me at: meadow.martell@cavejunctionoregon.us.
Have a great week and stay cool!