Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course!
Summer is in full swing (a golfer’s expression) here at the course. I finally went down to the river and battled the ants, bees, blackberries, brush and the neighbor and got the river pump primed, plugged and running. As I drove back across the access bridge, I could hear the sound of a waterfall and climbed beneath the bridge to close the drain valve. Much to my chagrin, the 4-inch pipe now has two leaks—job security I guess! The pipe that feeds the freshwater pond always looks so pretty with the gushing waterfall on a summer day.
In men’s league:
1-Taylor’s Sausage 187.5
2-Bud Bros 177
3-D & B 175
4-Kerby Electric 174.5
5-True Value #2 172.5
6-Pacific Ridgeline 166
7-Cascade Auto 165.5
8-True Value #1 150.5
9-Valley Fab 150
10-Selma Secondhand
In other action-Todd’s birthday was on Thursday and we got 12 guys to show up and put $20 each into the skins pool for a whopping $240. Par ties were the rule of the day, except for a couple birdie ties by Todd and James on #2. Attempts were made by Roger on #3, leaving it short, Roger, Todd, and James going left, left and right on #6, 8 balls on the green on #7 all attempting birdie and all missing and Randy and Colby just missing for birdie on #9 (I putted for birdie too, being just off the green and hit it a little long). Todd got the only KP on #8. When we teed off on the last hole, as it was getting dark, Todd remarked that if no one got a skin on #9, we would all get our money back. We didn’t believe him, but he must have had Tani making him dinner that night because, sure enough, the $240 was sitting on the green as he drove off for his birthday celebration.
Sunday evening had Dustin, Troy, Jakob, Graham, Chris, Jesse, Adam and Isaiah. They again put $20 in the pot but this time there were skins won by Todd (birdie on 3), Dustin (birdie and KP on 8), Jesse (par on 7), Graham (birdie on 5), Isaiah (birdie on 9). After they finished, they hadn’t had enough golf yet so a bunch of them went back around for another 9 holes, just finishing after dark.
I missed the group by 40 minutes after my phone died early but was able to meet up with my son Casey, Jena, Lennox and Alexander. We were joined by Jakob and Kaylin, who is playing for the first time and she is hitting the ball really well.
*Kids League is still going for a few weeks so get your kids down there and go have some fun for yourself for a couple hours. Coming up for them is the tournament and a little pizza and ice cream party in a few weeks.
*Joel Dierkes’ birthday tournament is July 22, come sign up and join in the raucous fun.
*July 29 is the Jesse and Mighty Memorial tournament; this is always a fun and crazy tournament day. Pay a visit to Jesse’s Dad, Ken Swift, who will likely be on #8 teebox, greeting players and well-wishers.
*And stay tuned for the Glow Ball, as soon as we find a nice dark night while the summer heat stays warm after dark, I know-we missed a couple opportunities early in the summer!