Tee Tattler

Greetings from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
Summer is now upon us and we finally have most all of the irrigation systems working fully. The freshwater pond is holding up incredibly well so we have not had to pump any river water as of yet. The little slough on Golf Course Drive is still flowing where the beavers allow it and it trickles over the dam just a bit.
In Men’s Club action top ten places:
Taylor’s Sausage-167.5
Bub Bros—157
Tie at 3rd
True Value #2, Kerby Electric—154.5
Pacific Ridgeline-142
Cascade Auto-135.5
True Value #1-132.5
Jake, Casey, Jason, Jesse-131
Valley Fab-130
*Kid’s League is going very well. The children are playing one or two holes after putting for a bit each morning. There are 47 kids out there keeping the coaches hopping. A special thank you to everyone who is helping out and boosting the kids’ confidence. They play every Thursday at 9 a.m. so if your kids are under your feet; bring em down for some cheap babysitting.
*Also on Thursdays, the Ladies are now up to four teams with a total of about 16 ladies coming out. They congregate at the clubhouse afterward and boy are they chatty! Megan drives out from Dutcher Creek and represents Grants Pass very well, she has such a smooth swing and is a great partner for Taylor and Tracy.
Progress on the putting green continues and I have all of the pipe and sprinklers installed. I had to add two more valves as our little irrigation well only puts out enough water to run 4 sprinklers at a time so I had to re-dig the little ditch that holds those pipes. Then I found that I was one sprinkler insert short – another delay!
On the Friday Family, Friends, Kids and Wives night, we had a nice group of 10 guys. They decided they wanted to play for $10 skins so we had $100 in the skins pool. D’Lynn got the first skin on #11. On #15 we had three birdies. On the difficult #16, the tee box was set at 193 yards. Me and D’Lynn both were on the fringe but failed to roll up to collect the KP so it carried over to #17 and had $33 in. Troy put his shot within about 8 feet to win the KP but the breaking putt just missed. And finally on #18, Poke and D’Lynn hit huge drives, D’Lynn’s ended up all the way into the ditch and disappeared into the tall reeds. Poke’s shot came up a bit short of the ditch and he was able to put his next shot onto the fringe from about 250 yards. Todd was also on the green at about 10 feet; he ended up making a putt across a 3 foot break and collected the last skin.
On Sunday we sent five 2-man teams to Roseburg for the Bar Run skins game. There is $4,000 in the skins pool at this half-day event. Todd reports that the boys up there had some last-second rule calls that did not help out our guys, who, you might remember, won the entire $4,000 during the Winter Skins game.
And finally Sunday night skins in the I.V., Colby, Danny, Lucas Harris (first time playing skins in a while), John and Roland participated. Colby got the first skin on #10, I parred #12 for the second skin. On #13, Danny put one close to win the KP of $10 and then took the third skin. Colby hit one close on the difficult to hit #16 from the same 193 yard spot from Friday and won a $4 KP. Then he hit the next tee shot on #17 very close for another $4 win. He sunk a 22-foot, nasty, breaking ball for the birdie and another skin. And on #18 John hit a brilliant drive almost to the ditch but hit a tree on his second shot. Everybody struggled a little so Colby’s double bogey won the skin, ouch.
**Thursday this week kid’s league continues, and remember that kids always play free at IVCC.
**This weekend, is the annual Alumni Golf Tournament-come and sip on a cold beverage, watch or play the Splash For Cash and dance to a band playing on the driving range from 6 – 10 p.m.