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Reader holds commissioners to task
What is happening in Josephine County government? It’s disturbing that two commissioners can override decisions by appointed commissions and end programs that support valuable services to our communities. More disturbing is the fact that county commissioners have combined extremely necessary, but unrelated county departments. Did they then choose a director with qualifications to manage both IT and emergency services or did they simply reward a political crony?
They not only lost the cooperation of Jackson County, these two commissioners have put us all at risk when we are faced with drastic situations like earthquakes, floods, and wildfires where qualified and coordinated management will be paramount.
It’s time to put political differences aside and demand qualified county management. It’s time to consider expanding the BCC to five commissioners representing the entire county so that two extremely biased self-aggrandizing individuals won’t further strip away needed services and endanger citizens in Josephine County.
Libby Watts
Grants Pass