Tee Tattler

Greetings from the Illinois Valley Country Club Golf Course!
Well, we finally have some scores up for Men’s Twilight League:
1-Taylor’s Sausage-117
3-Bud Bros-114.5
4-Kerby Electric-114
5-True Value #2-113
6-Cascade Auto-6
7-Valley Fab-95
7- Pacific Ridgeline-95
9-Jake, Casey, Jason,
10-Jerry’s Towing-84.5
10-Second Second
12-True Value #1-83
13-Graham, Chris,
James, Rylan-82.5
14-Moe, Aaron, Rowdy,
15-Maddog Logging-74
16-Mark, Tanner, Jesse,
*Tuesday, 13 guys showed up on time, then Poke and Ty showed up on hole #13 and finally D’Lynn made it by #14. Dustin and I had birdie putts on #12. Graham hit a long ball on #13 and it appeared to have rolled off the back side but we found it was in a low spot on the green to win the first KP but no skin. Poke hit a huge drive on #14 that almost made the green, he finished with birdie for a skin. Graham hit his drive on #15 to 160 from the green, landed it on the green fairly close but missed his eagle putt, he also missed the birdie putt so no skin happened on #15. On #17 Todd was on at 30 feet, Jesse at 18 feet and D’Lynn at 17 feet. No one made the birdie putt, so no skin there either. And no one made pars or birdies on Colby’s special pin placement on #18, which was right on the edge and in the middle of a slope. Many balls rolled down the slope and to the bottom of the green over the weekend. Poke collected all the skins money for $65.
*On Thursday, we played skins for Tracy’s birthday. We had three ladies play with us-Tracy, Sue and Taylor. Skins were won by Danny with three skins and Dustin with one. On #15, the girls got surprised by one of Tracy’s friend’s husband, who came up the back road and caught them watering the woods. I told them they made the paper, so be sure and mention it if you see any of them. I put my ball in the creek in about 3 inches of water on #16. Since I was barefoot already, I waded in, took off my sweater and swung my 9-iron like a sand wedge. Everyone was surprised that the ball came out and landed on the fringe. I am hoping that the video posted to Instagram goes viral so I can retire. Scottie won the triple carry-over KP for $21. And Graham had a tap-in par for an apparent skin but Danny chipped in one from off the green and sent Graham home broke.
*The Home and Home tournament with Del Norte was very well-attended. I.V. won 25 – 5 against the hopeful coast boys. Scott and Mike tied for first with Troy and Ty; third place was Todd and Randy; fourth Jason and Don; and tied for fifth was Jesse and I with Seth and Jerad (from Del Norte). Casey Taylor catered up a terrific dinner afterward of Ribeye steak, baked Yukon potato, a nice green salad and a beautiful blueberry cobbler (made by his wife, Jena).
*On Sunday evening skins, only six people showed. Troy, Graham, John, Roland, Jesse and myself. Troy brought out his little leaf-blower and cleared debris on greens as we approached, due to the breezy conditions. Troy won the first skin on #1. On #2, John had an opportunity for a birdie but I cracked a dirty joke just before he putted and he couldn’t gain his composure and missed the putt. Troy also won a skin on #3. Graham got skins on #5 and #6. I won one on #7 with a long breaking ball that moved laterally about 3 feet for a surprise skin and I chipped one in on #8 for a birdie and instant skin. We had no pars and no bogies on #9, just doubles and triples! And finally, John won a chip-off to win the KP as nobody had hit any of the 3 pars.
I finally got all of the water and all of the balls out of the effluent pond and prepared it for summer use. The city is now running all treated water into it so we won’t have to get the river pump running for a bit longer. It sure was nice to have such a rainy and snowy winter.
**Kid’s league starts Thursday, $25 gets you babysitting and your kid a great introduction to the game of golf and a pizza and ice cream party at the end.
**Greenskeepers Revenge is this weekend and the backward tournament is next weekend. These are a couple of fun little deals that we added to the roster.
**The Alumni Tournament will be July 1 and is a really fun time for golfers and non-golfers both.
**Please call 541-592-3151 for information about anything or to sign up for a tournament.