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This is a memory of something that really helped me as a kid and stayed with me for my teen and adult years.
When I was in 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grades I had a lot of friends and I loved and trusted my mom and dad. However there was no one I could tell my problems, worries and thoughts to. I kept it all inside and it bothered me. I couldn’t tell Mom & Dad; they would tell me what to do or what to think. I didn’t want to be “told”. I couldn’t tell a friend; in a few days it would probably be told all over the school.
Then one day I made a friend. This friend couldn’t talk, couldn’t tell me what to do or reveal my secrets to anyone else. She was my Silent Friend. I stuffed some old jeans with rags and towels, added socks and a stuffed shirt and a head made from a pillowcase. My friend was the same size as me. I set her on a chair in my bedroom.
When I needed to figure something out or let something out I would sit on the floor in front of my friend and tell her all about it; even have a good cry if I needed it.
My silent friend helped me a lot to figure things out. I had to put my problems, feelings and thoughts into words. It made understanding my feelings and figuring out what to do a lot easier. Also, a good cry that no one knew about was wonderful.
My Silent Friend helped me even after she was taken apart . All through my teen-aged and adult years I can put my thoughts and problems into words. I can talk to my dog or write them down. It makes life so much easier to deal with.
I wanted to share this in hopes of making life easier, happier for today’s kids in this crazy world.
Betty Smith
Cave Junction