Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
In this week’s action, the Men’s twilight league is going very well, we finally have enough scores to establish handicaps, so next week I will have the standings.
-Thursday afternoon Ladies League had a nice number of gals out and they enjoyed the beautiful, breezy spring weather. The Nolan girls are especially out quite a bit and bring the little kids and husbands at least 4 days a week. It is surely wonderful that we have such interest from the ladies and the kids too.

  • On the Friday families, friends and children’s night we had Todd, Rich, Danny, Roland, Colby, Graham, Casey, Jakob, Chris, Scott, Troy, D’Lynn, Poke and me in attendance . Emily showed up with Greyson and Ashton and Taylor came out with Poke. Action included birdie putts by Colby and Chris on #11; on 12 Todd got birdie against Colby’s chip up to less than an inch from the edge; on 13 Rich and Chris were both on and vying for KP, Rich was closest and sunk his par putt with Chris 3-putting on these fast greens, giving Rich the skin; on 14 Rich again wins with birdie; on 15 the green was especially fast, after being cut very close by Todd and Rich, this resulted in everyone rolling off or past; on the short par-3 #17, Troy is the only one on but forgets that Emily still has to hit, Troy starts to gather the KP money as Emily hits, her shot hits the front section of green and slowly rolls up to about 8 feet, winning her the KP over all the guys; on 18, we decide to do a third shot with KP on the long par 5; Roland, Casey and D’Lynn all are on in 3; and Roland gets the KP for the last money of the night.
    -On Saturday we all traveled to Del Norte Golf Course for a Home and Home tournament. We had 18 guys travel to take on the 16 guys that they were able to muster up. Highlights included D’Lynn having a 340- yard drive coming down from the elevated #8 teebox and Jesse and I ended up winning some money.
    -And finally on Sunday night we had 8 guys show up for Sunday afternoon skins. I got the first skin on #2 with a par after a good drive and 230 yard 3-wood. Graham hit one all the way to the green on #3 and made the par putt for the second skin. On #5, Graham again reaches green easily, along with Rich. Rich’s putt reaches hole and somehow rolls into the cup but sticks to the edge and climbs back out, giving Graham his second skin, taking half my money with it! Graham then backs that up with a 340 yard drive on #6, ending up right next to the little scraggly tree. Danny sinks a long, curving putt to tie for the par, no skin. On the hard #7, somehow I make it onto the green for a par putt. Danny is very close, maybe 5 feet. The path to the hole is about 40 feet and a pretty big break, my ball rolls and rolls and cautiously drops in for par. Danny easily sinks his 5 footer and steals my skin. On #8, Jesse gets his first KP for $15. The night ends with Graham and me splitting the $50 of skins money, 2 skins for Graham and 1 for me. Somehow, we did bad math and I got $13, guess I should bone up on my division skills!
    **Kids’ League starts June 15–$25 per kid, includes 6 weeks of golf lessons, a mini tournament and a pizza and ice cream party, call 592- 3151 to sign up. Remember that kids 17 and under always play for free!
    **Coming up- June 17-Greenskeepers revenge tournament-all tees from tips and Colby’s crazy pin placements.
    **June 24-backwards tournament-all holes played backward–sounds dumb but should be a lot of fun.