Stinkfoot Orchestra is coming to Bruno’s Cavern

Featuring Zappa alumn and Grammy winner Napoleon Murphy Brock (Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation, Live at the Roxy, One Size Fits All, and Bongo Fury), Stinkfoot Orchestra is a 14-peice ensemble with tuned percussion, 6 horns and four vocals, accompanied by a stunningly accurate rhythm section.
If you have seen Stinkfoot with Napoleon Murphy Brock or Ike Willis, you know to expect a different set list every tour. If you missed them on their first two trips through Oregon, don’t make the same mistake a third time. This band is the real deal.
No Zappa concert would be complete without a healthy dose of sardonic wit. The Stinkfoot Orchestra does not skimp on this vital ingredient. Incorporating props, costumes, stage vignettes and the occasional flying rubber chicken to create a complete entertainment experience fans will want to see again and again.
“The Stinkfoot Orchestra with Napoleon Murphy Brock admirably delivered all the musical virtuosity, compositional non-conformity, and satire of American culture that Frank Zappa distilled within his extensive oeuvre. The impression left upon driving home from this experience was one of deep appreciation mixed with laughter and amazement.” – Ted Silverman, Jambase