Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club!
On Monday we had a good turnout for men’s twilight league. Fred Hults was subbing and took something like 4 of the 8 honey pots. D’Lynn got an eagle with a chip in on #6. My team just barely squeaked by Mark and Tanner with a par for both Todd and me on the last two holes. Wednesday night guys had a full field too and Fred took their honey pot money again. The ground has dried up pretty well and I saw some very long drives that night.
We are very close to finishing the practice green with 90% of the irrigation being done and just a little to finish before we can roll out the sod. It should be a really nice facility once it’s mowed down to a quarter inch.
The Thursday night ladies had Sue, Sheryl, Melyindee, Amy, Tasha scoring a 47, Jamie, Courtney and Sherry scored a 45. The weather was pretty spectacular all week and there was a pretty good deal of day players.
Friday night skins was dramatic with no skins until the very end. The tension built up with each hole with no skin won. Players that night were; Todd, Colby, Emily, Zion, Casey, James, Graham, Ty, Poke, Terry D’Lynn, Troy, Dalton, Chris Rich, Casie, Losey, Jakob, Kai Greyson, Ashton and Chad were the littles. And Dalton is finally back from his trip and was a welcome addition to the evening.
On No. 3, there were 3 birdies which is really spectacular but they tied each other, so no skins. On #5, Chris chipped in for birdie but D’Lynn hit in a 12 foot putt to deny Chris the skin. D’Lynn’s drive was all the way past the 100 yard rock and nearly made the green. Then on #9, Chris and Graham made birdies so still no skin. We tromped onto #10 for extra holes and had 5 pars. So, as a definite tiebreaker, we decided to play from the green and go backward back up to #9 green. Todd hit a peach of a drive as did D’Lynn but then Todd hit up and over a tree coming in and the ball ticked a branch and ended up about 5 inches from the cup. Several other guys had birdie shots but Colby’s pin location was right on a little hill and the green being fast, we all had shots that turned right at the last second, missing by an inch. Todd now had to make the 5 inch putt and he stood over the ball for a goodly long time. Finally he poked at it and the ball rolled quickly to the flagstick, hitting it hard and nearly bouncing out but came to rest in the hole, winning him a nice $65 payout.
On Saturday there was a tournament at Dutcher Creek and David, Chris, D’Lynn and Troy traveled over there to represent I.V. You might have remembered me posting that D’Lynn took the course record a month ago at Dutcher with a 27 on the front 9 and 62 overall. Well, Roger found that he needed to be better than that and carded a smoking 60 gross score. Roger and Freddie got low gross, and David and Chris got low net, so we didn’t end up taking all their money but did collect a couple hundred to take back to Cave Junction.