Recreation Roundup:

by John Miles, Parks & Rec chair

There have been a lot of questions about the spray pad and when it will be installed at our park. Although we have had challenges since the grant was awarded, the Parks & Recreation Commission (P&R) is moving forward and intend to have the spray pad installed late this summer. The P&R’s first challenge was investing time with an organization to design the spray pad, only to have them stop work due to a lack of materials and employees. The P&R located a much-improved organization and with help from the community, completed an initial design.
The good news is that the purchase of many of the materials (fun stuff like spray pad features) has been made. The city engineers continue to work with Public Works on the technical aspects needed for design, construction and installation. The P&R’s goal is to complete this process correctly the first time to ensure that the product provided to the community is what the city invested in and what residents all wanted.
The P&R has been discussing other projects for future development. Many community members have asked about Old Stage Park and we are excited to say that the process required to allow us to develop the old park has been started.
First step is to obtain a grant to pay for a Master Plan. The Master Plan takes time but once we have a Master Plan, the city will qualify for grants to help to develop Old Stage Park. Again, the process is slower than the community wishes, but is necessary. Ultimately, the community will have another long-awaited park with river access to enjoy.
To continue work on future development of Jubilee Park, and to incorporate community ideas (a second ballfield, pickleball, basketball, additions to the skate park, ADA restrooms and more), the P&R has designed a portable, to scale map with movable features. We intend to have this at our tabling events so the community can express their ideas by moving features.
P&R will hold a workshop the Jubilee Park Pavilion Thursday, May 18 at 7 p.m. for discussion about how the park’s future growth will continue.
The Parks & Recreation Commission meeting normally scheduled on the first Thursday of each month but will be held Thursday, June 8 instead. Public comment is welcomed at these meetings.