IVCanDO celebrates those that ‘Do!’

Amy and Jerry Lapora accepting the Volunteer of the Year award at Bruno’s
Cavern Wednesday, May 10 with their son Braedan, an I.V. High School freshman.

(Photo by Laura Mancuso, Illinois Valley News)

The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization put on their hats and celebrated Valley community builders with an Open House at Bruno’s Cavern May 10.
With a variety of hats displayed around the decorated room, IVCanDo Executive Director Lindsey B. Jones put one of her own and led the Open House and community awards ceremony with enthusiasm.
This well-attended event led by IVCanDo staff brought to light the many projects, events and programs that they are involved in such as Cans for Kids, RiverStars Performing Arts, Energy Trust, I.V. Volunteer Fair, Revolving Loan Fund, FEMA (forests and watershed), I.V. HOPE Village, Community Health Assessments, Destination Ready, Rough and Ready Botanical Pathway, Main Street Cave Junction and much more.
The awards ceremony was led by the IVCanDo Board of Directors and the following community builders were honored for their service:
-Jo-el and Cindy Palacios, Good Neighbor Award
-Carl Thomas from Project Youth+ Organization of the Year
-Nathan Siebel, Oregon State Parks, Partner of the Year
-Oregon Rep. Lily Morgan, Partner of the Year
-Jerry and Amy Lapora, Volunteer of the Year
-Monique Allen, I.V. Yea! Volunteer of the Year
-Maureen Connolly, Lifetime Achievement
If you are interested in supporting the work of IVCanDo, a 501(c) nonprofit, you can donate or volunteer by going to their website at https://ivcdo.org/about-us.