Remembering Ericka, still missing after 5 years

Erika Hogg

The event “A Walk For Ericka” is being held May 17 at 2 p.m.
This walk is a demonstration meant to raise awareness in the case of the missing woman Ericka Renee Hogg, who disappeared from the 7800 block of Deer Creek Road in Selma May 17, 2018.
What happened? According to podcaster Gwen Barringer, allegedly, Hogg was in the middle of a mental health crisis and simply wandered away from the marijuana farm that she had been working at after taking a bath. Search and Rescue was not activated, as law enforcement was under the assumption that Ericka could have had a firearm with her. This firearm had a tactical flashlight attachment, and it was assumed that she took it with her for additional light, because many can attest that she was not a fan of guns by any means. Law enforcement also said the woods were too dense to search in.
“I did not know Ericka personally,” said Barringer, adding, “But one of my friends did and when I saw the missing flyer on Facebook I could not get her face out of my mind. So I decided to do something about it.”
Initially, Hogg’s family paid for a private K9 handler to search for her since Search and Rescue was not activated, but Barringer mentioned that the reputation and methodology of the handler was debated heavily within search and rescue circles.
“The majority of Ericka’s family believes that she is deceased, and as a result they are not actively searching for her. They held a memorial service for her a few years ago, and at this point are waiting for her remains to be found or for a miracle to happen if she’s found alive,” wrote Barringer in an email.
There have been no new updates in this case but Barringer does receive word of potential sightings regularly, not just in Oregon, but nationally. None of these sightings has led to her thus far, but part of this mission is keeping hope alive and keeping the light on for Ericka.
“There is a podcast about her called ‘A Light For Ericka’ that I started approximately a year after her vanishing. It contains the majority of the relevant information to her case,” said Barringer.
More information can be found at https://facebook.com/alightforericka or https://anchor.fm/alightforericka.
“If she is still out there, maybe she’ll see a flyer, or somebody who knows her will hear my podcast.”
If anyone has seen Ericka or has any information in her case, they are welcome to call the Oregon State Police non-emergency line at 800-442-2068 or if they are uncomfortable with law enforcement, they can call Barringer’s tip line at 541-450-9734 and she will gladly pass on the information to OSP Detective Brendan Quirke.
To join this event, participants should meet at Jubilee Park for coordination. Those who are able will walk through town with signs and flyers, while those who are less mobile will sit out front of the I.V. Senior Thrift Store by the 76 Station with chairs and a table. Water will be provided for the participants.
If you need to contact Barringer about the walk you can call her at 541-450-9734 or email alightforericka@gmail.com.