Lady Cougs take a loss

Shelby Reed (above) and Cheyanne Gleason (right) participate during the “May the 4th be with you” track meet at Illinois Valley High School Thursday, May 4. The event was the only home match held at IVHS. The girls are coached by Scott and Bob Thornhill.
(Photos by Lindsay Martinho for the Illinois Valley News)

The IVHS girls’ softball team played hard, but they unfortunately succumbed to the strength of the North Douglas Warriors during their home game on May 1.
The Lady Cougars were able to hold their own for a while, but the top of the game’s third inning was when their opponents unfortunately got the best of them. At the beginning, the score had sat 1-0 in favor of the Warriors, who had managed to get a run earlier on. What followed was a brutal series of runs, which seemed to sap some of the Cougars’ confidence as they struggled to keep up with the power behind every swing of the bat.
By the end of the inning, the score favored North Douglas 12-0. Though the Cougars were able to keep their opponents from scoring for two more innings, they were also unable to fully recover from the blow that the third inning had dealt them. The game ended in a painful defeat, with the score still 12-0 in favor of the opposition.
Fortunately, the girls made up for the loss the next day during their May 2 home game against the Gold Hill Panthers. Though the Panthers did what they could, the Lady Cougars took the field with renewed determination and the game ended in a Cougar victory 19-9.