Life in the Valley of Riches

You likely have noticed the young girl on the front page of this week’s newspaper, enjoying herself during the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt. Both Laura and I were taking photos from opposing sides of the same area at Jubilee Park. Unbeknownst to me, Laura also photographed the same child, and was able to get her name and age from her mother.
Because it’s standard in the newspaper business to get the name and age of a child, I posted a photo asking for someone to private message me her name and age, thinking that certainly someone who knew her parents would see it.
Boy, was that a mistake. I was accused of being a pedophile, a creeper and one commented that people receive midnight visitors for less, which was received as a veiled threat to my health.
I’ll start with apologizing for having the audacity to think that everybody except the people who moved here after 2016 to grow weed actually knew the name of their local newspaper publisher. I am sorry for having the arrogance of thinking that residents here are engaged enough in their community to know the newspaper man trying to get a name for the weekly edition.
Thank you to those who stood up for me. For those who think ill of my post before it was deleted, it would behoove you to learn more about the community you claim as home.
I would like to say I am astonished by the negativity and quickness to react in anger about an innocent post of a joyful child on Easter Sunday.
All one had to do was click on my profile to find out who I was; very sad.
But in spite of that negative moment, the I.V. Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt was, as always, a delightful event to attend. It was nice to see families out celebrating together at the park. Especially, now that I’m a grandpa, I love to watch the children smile when they find a special treat in an Easter egg basket.
Thank you for picking up this week’s paper, Enjoy! ~ djm