Cougars clip the Pelicans wings

No. 10 Jahsiah Demuth hits the ball as No. 1 Michael Miller runs for home base.
(Photo by Lindsay Martinho for the Illinois Valley News)

The Illinois Valley High School boys’ baseball team faced off against the Klamath Union Pelicans April 4. Though the Pelicans played well, in the end the Cougars dominated the field with their ferocity.
Things looked shaky for the Cougars at first, with the Pelicans gaining a slight advantage during the first inning and maintaining it for most of the second. At the bottom of the second inning, however, the Cougars started to find their groove. The home team scored six runs quickly, and at the top of the third inning the score sat in favor of the Cougars 10-8.
The Pelicans seemed to realize that they had underestimated the home team in the beginning, and with their confidence shaken they were unable to score. This meant that the Cougars’ advantage held through the third inning and into the fourth. Though the Pelicans scored again to maintain a narrow advantage.
This pattern continued on for the rest of the game, with the Cougars truly seeming to be in their element. It was close, but at the end the Cougars won by one point with a score of 14-13.