IVHS softball off to a good start ahead of league play

The Illinois Valley High School softball team celebrated two victories March 30 against the Eddyville Charter Eagles, with both games ending in a mercy rule that favored the Cougars.
The first game only lasted for three innings, with the home team blasting ahead in the first inning with a lead of 9-0. The Eagles attempted to catch up in the second inning and gained two runs, but the Cougars continued to dominate the field and scored five of their own, by the third inning, the score sat at 14-2, but the Cougars weren’t finished yet. They scored an additional three runs, making the final score 17-2.
There were a lot of great plays made by the IVHS girls in their fist game against the Eagles, most notably by No. 19 Kiera Walker and No. 5 Sarah White, who both hit doubles over the course of the three innings.
The second game was just as impressive as the first and lasted only four innings, though the Eagles seemed to get their groove back in the first half. The first inning was a draw, with neither team making any runs. The second inning resulted in a tie of 1-1. By the second half of the game, however, the Cougars upped the ante, scoring eight runs in the third inning and seven runs in the fourth and final inning. Once again, the Cougars crushed the Eagles with an astounding score of 16-1.
During this game, Nl. 17 Aliyah Murphy made two doubles, with coach Justine Johnson later describing this feat as “impressive,” especially only four innings. With so many strong players on their team, the Lady Cougars will hopefully have many future wins to celebrate.