IVHS softball crushes Bobcats

Illinois Valley High School softball team vs. Myrtle Point/Powers at home game
Tuesday, March 21. Final score Cougars on top 9-3 against the Bobcats.

Gwen Barringer
IVN contributing writer

The Illinois Valley High School softball team had their Cougar claws out when they faced off against the Myrtle Point and Powers Bobcats March 21. Though the Bobcats tried to even the score in the last few innings, the game marked the first victory of the year for the Lady Cougars.
At the top of the first inning, the home team started off strong by making two runs, with their opposition falling flat. While the Cougars’ confidence faltered slightly in the second inning, neither team scored. But by the time the game had reached its halfway point, the Cougars had gained three more points and held a firm lead over the Bobcats 5-0.

No. 10 Jahsiah Demuth slides into third base Tuesday, March 21 at home.

When the teams hit the field once more, it seemed like the Bobcats had managed to pull themselves together. The fifth inning found both teams evenly matched as neither team scored, and the sixth inning ended with the home team scoring three runs as their opposition made two.
The seventh and final inning was tense, with the Cougars trying to bolster their already strong lead, and he Bobcats making a desperate attempt to make up for lost time. Both teams played well enough that they kept one another from scoring, and the game ended in a home team victory 9-3.
Coach Justine Johnson said, “I’m extremely proud of what the girls came out and showed.” During the game, she explained that the last few weeks have been spent “working really hard on breaking down all of their mechanics,” adding that she was glad that they put those lessons to good use, and that the
team has really come together as a family to uplift and support one another.
The coach is also hoping that this bodes well for the remainder of the girls’ season, stating, “I’m looking forward to a lot more wins.”