Some like it Hot

Chili Cook Off Judges

(Photo by Laura Mancuso, Illinois Valley News)

The annual Chili Feed, a fundraiser for the Farmers’ Market and KXCJ community radio was held Saturday, March 18 at a jam-packed Dome School. The winners of the chili cook off were as follows: Best All Around #24, Megan Clady from Lost Camp; People’s Choice #23, Caleb; Con Carne #5, Blanka; Local #12, Roxanne; Most Unique #3, Teresa; Best Vegetarian #7, Ferral; Some Like it Hot #6, Stacy; People’s Choice Honorable Mention #9, Meadow Martell; and Honorable Mention #1, Amy Lusson. The judges list above: Will Meyer (left), Breezy, Josh Gibbs, KXCJ DJ Sara, Courtney Arts and Smudj.