Recreation Roundup:

by Parks & Recreation Commission Chair John Miles

As we move from winter into spring, we are all hoping to spend more time outdoors. Hopefully, the public parks in and around Cave Junction are in your plans. There have been many upgrades to Forks Park and Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside, and I invite you to go enjoy them. Roger Brandt and IVCanDO have been instrumental in making these two outdoor opportunities enjoyable for our families. The county, under the direction of the new Recreation Department Director Tamara Martin, is also making significant improvements at Lake Selmac.
The city is not far behind. Construction on the playground improvements and the spray pad will begin soon. Final coordination of design between the two projects is being worked out by the city’s engineer. The playground will have to be shut down for a few weeks, so the work can be done in the most efficient manner possible.
In the last article, input from the public was requested. Only one response was received and that was a request a way to play basketball in the park. Really, what is a park without basketball? This was discussed by the Parks Commission, and should be addressed this summer.
The Parks Commission has been concentrating on Jubilee Park, but Old Stage Park has not been forgotten. It will be quite a project considering the park is large and has much potential. So, the city is applying for a grant to have the University of Oregon help develop a master plan for Old Stage Park. If the grant is approved, they will be here during the summer of 2024. They will be asking for input from the greater community, so welcome them and look for announcements of their events so your input can be considered.
Our next meeting is April 6. We will begin at Jubilee Park at 6 p.m. for a walkthrough, weather permitting, and then go to City Hall at 7 p.m. for our regular meeting. On the agenda are reports on ongoing grants and projects, a discussion of what we are going to ask the budget committee for, and a discussion of a general development plan for Jubilee Park. There will be time for public comment, and we invite anyone interested to attend.