Seeds and scions spiraled away at Jubilee

The sun popped out from the clouds and lots and lots of seeds were planted at Jubilee Park Pavilion March 11 thanks to the Spiral Living Center’s free Seed Swap and Scion Exchange.
The event was deemed a huge success by the nonprofit organization in collaboration with Agrarian Sharing Network with an estimated 200 people showing up to plan for their gardens.
Spiral Living Center board members, volunteers and organizers were on hand to offer Heirloom organic seeds, planting guides and a seed planting demonstration. Participants were able to place seeds in a provided small coin envelope and label the variety, year and location grown.
SLC members also planted early starts to give away such as kale, swiss chard, spinach, pak choi, broccoli, romanesco cauliflower, basil, tulsi, sage, rosemary, dill, and a variety of flowers.
ASN also shared a selection of scion cuttings, rootstock, and had teachers doing grafting demos.
New to this annual event was a seed planting station with free soil and multi-pots donated by Wheels A’ Turnin Garden Supply. Participants were provided with pots, planting sticks and tape to record which seeds they planted and then could walk away with their choice of planted seeds to add to their greenhouse this spring.
Caitlin Deane, SLC admin coordinator, was at the entry to the event for individuals or families to sign up for an annual SLC membership which is $20 for single folks or $50 for a family. Deane entered new members into a door prize raffle to win access to a virtual fermentation video series.
“There are plenty of seeds to give away this year thanks to our seed donors,” said Deane. SLC wanted to thank their 2023 seed donors: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange and Sow Right Seeds.
SLC also coordinates the I.V. Gleaning Project which coordinates volunteers to harvest extra produce from local farms and gardens to share with local community members. This project increases food security in the Illinois Valley while reducing food waste. If you would like to volunteer for this meaningful project email ivgleaners@gmail.com or call 458-229-8006.
Deane also reported that there is a new program started by SLC called “Sow-A-Row For the Hungry.” The program is designed to help community members and neighbors in need by growing an extra row in your garden. If you are interested in helping, these are the steps you would follow: Step 1 – grow an extra row in your garden; step 2 – harvest your extra produce and drop off at the SLC or set up a time for volunteers to come and harvest for you; and step 3 – the SLC will distribute your donated produce to community members in need. All donated produce will stay in the Illinois Valley.
To contact SLC for membership or program information email spirallivingcenter@gmail.com or call 541-950-9886.