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True colors
This years’ National Gun Violence Survivors’ Awareness Week runs from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7, 2023. It’s a time to honor the stories of the survivors and take stock of the massive toll of gun violence in America. In order to send a message to the country the Republican politicians in the United States House of Representatives have thrown their American flag lapel pins in the trash and now wear an AR-15 pin instead; thank you Republicans for showing America your true colors.
John Plute

Reader gives Kudos!
Three cheers to the Oregon DMV for re-opening the CJ office. In a world where a visit to the DMV office in any state generally is the definition of government inefficiency, lethargy and bureaucratic ineptness, the CJ operation stood out as the exception to the rule and I have high hopes it will be so again.
Thumbs up also to law enforcement who had a 2 minute response time to, and rapid apprehension of, the ludicrous $36 bank robbers as reported in the entertainment section, a.k.a. the police blotter.
F. Bellermann