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Mark has something to say
One would have hoped you would have taken the high road and defended the Courier against misinformation by commissioners.
The Courier took positions truthfully on the sales tax proposal and pay raises for county employees as well as Baertschigers censure by the Republican party.
Unfortunately your paper has now given the commissioners the free space to promote anything as Dan Mancuso has said.
This sounds like you will become the countys lap dog potentially promoting tax levies or any view they want.
It appears you don’t like my questions or comments regarding this issue and blocked my e nails.
Is that so?
Your publisher Dan Mancuso is on the budget committee always pushing for print more taxes.
As a county vendor this appears as a conflict of interest?
Please print this as a letter to the editor since my e nails are possibly being blocked.
Thank you .
Mark Seligman