Tee Tattler

Happy “Fill the reservoir weather!” times from the Country Club:
Well, it has been a heck of a storm system that we have experienced this winter. The freshwater pond is flowing out of every low spot it has-the spillway, the pump box, the bank by the maintenance shed and the outlet that normally is an inlet, but now is an outlet as well (Ha!). That creek is completely running across the access road behind #8 green and actually has turned that driveway into a small river. The creek that crosses #1 is running across the bridge on the cart path and is almost scary to drive across as it’s not easy to tell where the road stops and the creek begins, so a golf cart could be in 8 inches of water one second and 4 feet the next. The dry, emergency drainage pond is just beautiful when there is a rare sunshiny afternoon. The low area off to the right of #7 green has filled to about four feet and once the water recedes, will show quite a number of balls as it is a landing place for many golfers.
We were able to squeeze in several rounds this week between the multiple low-pressure systems. The Tuesday morning guys were able to get on the course Wednesday morning-Thom, Todd, Gary, Montgomery and a couple others for their regular skins game. I think they got in 18 holes in a rush. John, Dan and I then challenged Colby, Zion and Eugene to a 3-on-3 scramble (all 3 hit from the same spot and choose the best shot and then hit from there and so on until the ball is holed), somehow we got 3 birdies to their 2 birdies and we collected $5 each.
We were all able to play Friday and then shared some good food at Gimmees Grill afterward.
And finally, Sunday we sat in the pro shop watching football until just after the final shower of the day and had a surprisingly sunny and warm day (although very, very soggy). I accompanied Todd, Jakob, John, Roland, Graham, Troy and Colby and, just returning since last playing in October, Matt Miller. Matt informed me that he was in no condition to hit any good shots, but golly he struck the ball well that day. Skins were won by Graham on #1 and #2, Todd got the next skin on #3. We all missed landing on the green on #4 for KP, but Todd, John, Troy and I also got pars, so no skins were collected because of the tie. I hit one just on the edge of the woods on #5 and quite a ways out, but was able to hit some miracle 3-wood shot and ended up with a 5-foot birdie putt. I missed the putt and tapped in for par. Troy had a 9-foot putt to tie for par but he barely missed it so I got the skin there. Todd, Graham and I missed for pars on #6 so tied with bogies. Nobody got pars on #7, the small new lake on the right of the green gobbling up balls. Matt got on the green with his drive on #8 and also sunk his birdie putt for a skin and a KP on #8-so much for saying he wouldn’t play well. And finally, Todd birdied #9, surviving a challenge from both Troy and Graham. John and I both hit great drives and then hit straight shots from there—right into the driving range off to the left. John’s ball likely ended up on the patio, he hit it so far.
Hope you all are having a happy, healthy, soggy new year so far.