FCC map may affect local funding for expanding broadband internet access

Josephine County leaders are asking the public to help verify the accuracy of a new nationwide broadband access map that will impact future funding for expanding internet access to rural unserved or underserved areas of the county.

In 2022, the Federal Communications Commission launched a pre-production draft of the National Broadband Map which shows the quality of internet access at residences and businesses across the United States. Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC chairwoman, called that map’s release “an important milestone in our effort to help everyone, everywhere, get specific information about what broadband options are available for their homes and pinpointing places in the country where communities do not have the service they need.”

While in its draft phase, the FCC is inviting all residents to view their address at broadbandmap.fcc.gov and, if the fixed internet services shown are not available at the user’s location, file a challenge with the FCC directly through the map to correct the information.

Incorrect information will impact the amount of funding available in each community to invest in infrastructure projects to close the broadband gap.

A video tutorial and more information on how to submit challenges is available. 

Residents are asked to file a challenge by Jan. 13, if possible, though challenges filed after Jan. 13 will still be accepted. Josephine County residents can call (541) 474-5455 Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for technical assistance from Josephine County Information Technology staff. Callers can leave a message if they reach the team outside of normal office hours.

For more information, see Business Oregon’s How to Set Oregon Up for Success in Improving Broadband Access Across the State.