Local Artist Looks to Help Local Youths

You may have seen Geniypher Snow’s table in the parking lot of the former Junction Inn over the summer, covered in wire-wrapped crystals and stones that are lovingly handmade by the enterprising woman for her business, Transcendental Coils. What few have the pleasure to witness is the generous heart behind the scenes, and the tireless hours that go into making a dream a reality.
Since November, Snow has begun a new side of her business venture, a nonprofit project called “Crystals for Kids” that aims to provide the more than 100 children in Josephine County foster care with handmade crystal necklaces for the holiday season. To some, this undertaking may not seem very big, but as a former foster kid, Snow knows just how much even the smallest gesture can mean to a child trying to stay afloat within the system.
Crystals For Kids is entirely donation-based, and Snow creates the necklaces alongside the diverse and intricate pieces that she sells. She describes the process as “tedious but in a way that’s very therapeutic.” This project has inspired her in an unexpected way- she would like it to become more than just a holiday effort, and wants to look into teaching children how to wire-wrap and create their own unique pieces. This idea, however, is not fully formed yet. “I don’t know how to do it and I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m very open to suggestions and ideas”
Given the fact that her small daughter, Aadya, has her own collection of wire-wrapped trinkets for sale, perhaps Snow knows a bit more about what she’s doing than she gives herself credit for. Although getting the funding for such an endeavor may take a bit of time, with community support, both online and in person, Snow hopes to at least be able to offer wire-wrapping kits to local foster kids by this time next year.
To Snow, Transcendental Coils is more than a business, it is a message that she is working to spread with her creations. “It’s in the name, I’m trying to transcend from relying on others to supporting myself with my own hands,” she explained, adding that “there’s a lot of legwork that goes into selling things you’ve made, and most people don’t think that they have the abundance to do what they want to do, but you can do anything you set your mind to.” That’s something she aims to teach her daughter, and eventually anybody else who shows interest in her business and its creations.
If you have any questions about Crystals For Kids, or any suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact Geniypher Snow through her email, transcendentalcoils@gmail.com. You can also reach her through the Transcendental Coils Facebook page, Instagram, or Shopify online store.