Library and sheriff’s sale proceeds topics of WBS

An amendment was made to an intergovernmental agreement between Josephine and Jackson counties at the Dec. 7 weekly business session of the JoCo Board of Commissioners, held in Grants Pass’ Anne G. Basker Auditorium.
Jackson and Josephine jointly applied for and received local workforce area designation to form the Rogue Valley Workforce Consortium. According to the IGA, “The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and its successor, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, allow local governments to form workforce investment areas… The purpose of this agreement is to establish a consortium of county elected officials for the Rogue Valley workforce area.”
Commenting on the IGA amendment, Commissioner Darin Fowler said, “I’ve been liaison to this group for a couple years. We had legal counsel vet what is really a small change having to do with the composition of the board over there, so I don’t think it’s a huge change that we’re considering here, and I would recommend we approve it.”
Earlier in the meeting, four Illinois Valley properties and one Williams property were annexed into the Josephine Community Library District by petition of their respective landowners. These properties were: 2015 Caves Camp Rd, a 10.75-acre property owned by Jacqueline Rowan and Raymond Labelle; 9453B Takilma Rd, a 9.83-acre property owned by Aaron Howard and Jennifer Folkerts; 7666 Holland Loop Rd, a 0.61-acre property owned by Laura Slowikowski; 232 Ivy Rd, a 2.87-acre property owned by Jon and Patricia Hoel; and 552 Briar Ln, a 5.03-acre property owned by Nigel Shaw.
Norma Singer, public services director and acting branch manager of the Grants Pass Library, addressed the board while the matter of annexations was considered, remarking, “Thank you for reviewing these petitions from our county residents, who have elected to fill out the paperwork to pay taxes to support our community libraries.”
Board Chair Herman Baertschiger added, “These folks being willing to step up and pay into our district is pretty impressive.”
Also at the Dec. 7 WBS, the proceeds of a Sept. 21 sheriff’s property sale were given directions for distribution. This sale yielded $200,020 in gross proceeds.
$20,002, or 10% of the proceeds, will go toward “property management administrative costs incurred in the inventory, designation and sale of the properties”; $40,504.05 (22.5% of proceeds) will go toward the spray pad and playground upgrades in Jubilee Park; and $139,513.95 will fund the property reserve for Josephine County Parks.
In addition to the initial 200 grand, hundreds of thousands in additional revenue will be received in monthly installment payments; 10% of this will go to property management, 22.5% will go to Cave Junction park projects until $225,000 is received and 66.5% will go to the JoCo Parks property reserve, until Cave Junction receives the full $225,000, at which point 90% of the proceeds will begin going to the reserve.