Sheriff Dave Daniel speaks out about 114

As your sheriff, it is my obligation to protect our citizens lives, property and every Amendment within the Constitution of Oregon and the United States Constitution. The Sheriff’s Office has received many inquiries about voter-approved Measure 114 and where I stand on it. Like many rural counties, Josephine County soundly defeated Measure 114 – in our case, by nearly 30 points. In elections, that is a landslide. Our citizens clearly said “NO” to the gun-control measure.
I see two main issues within this measure that rise to the surface.
First, is it constitutional? I say no, it is not, and I anticipate the courts overturning it. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for that to happen. The second issue is the required permitting and training portions of the measure, which undoubtedly will create a massive logjam. We are already working through these unfunded mandates, but have yet to devise an exact plan. Know that we at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office will do everything in our power to support your God-given right to bear arms under the Constitution.
Josephine County has a Charter that precludes your Sheriff’s Office from investigating certain firearm-specific laws such as Measure 114. Investigation, apprehension and incarceration for possessing high-capacity magazines by our law-abiding citizens is not an option according to Josephine County Code Title 9, Chapter 9.25 and the Josephine County Charter in Chapter VII, Section 29.1. Furthermore, the Josephine County Board of Commissioners affirmed these matters and declared Josephine County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Bad actors will get guns if they want them, and this measure will impact only law-abiding citizens.
Together we will get through this. If you have questions, please reach out.
Stay safe, stay healthy and God bless.