Cougars crush Chieftains in final home game

Friday, Oct. 28 at the Cougar’s home game against Rogue River, No. 6 Daniel Polk is running for a touchdown.
(Photo by Lindsay Martinho for the Illinois Valley News)

The Illinois Valley Cougars were victorious in their final home game against the Rogue River Chieftains Oct 28. The Cougars firmly solidified just how much they have grown as a team over the course of the season and boding well for their chances next year.
The Cougars took the lead almost immediately with a touchdown and a successful extra point, and although the Chieftains made several attempts to get the ball into Cougar territory, they were met, matched, and overrun by the home team’s defense. Any yards that were gained by the opposition were taken back swiftly. Toward the end of the quarter, the ball was back in the Cougars capable hands, and junior Daniel Polk completed an astounding 90-yard reception with a touchdown. Though the extra point attempt after this was no good, the Cougars were still in the lead 13-0
The second quarter echoed this pattern, and although the Chieftains were trying their hardest to gain the upper hand, the Cougars snatched it away from them whenever they got the opportunity to do so. Working together like a well-oiled machine, the home team crushed the opposition’s defense several times over in a stunning display of resolve. Senior Jasiah Demuth was an integral part of this round, first making a successful two-point conversion attempt after a touchdown by sophomore Zach Dugas, and then throwing the ball that was subsequently intercepted by Trenton Davis for another touchdown. When the buzzer sounded for halftime, the Cougars led 35-0.
When halftime ended, the Chieftains attempted in vain to get their groove back, but the damage had already been done. While the Cougars faltered briefly, at one point allowing the opposition slip through their defensive line for a touchdown, which was as lenient as they were going to get. As if to make a point, the Cougars matched the opposing team’s touchdown with one of their own, bringing the final score to 41-6 in favor of the home team.
Coach Ced Walker showed an abundance of pride in the team’s growth as a unit over the course of the season, stating that although there had been many hiccups for the Cougars over the last few months, “they played up to their potential and that was really nice to see.” Walker cited a distinct lack of opportunity to participate in pre-season activities as one of the many reasons why the Cougars endured so many heavy losses earlier on, but he also noted that since this years’ team was mostly comprised of freshman and sophomores, the future of the football team overall is looking very bright.