Tee Tattler

Hello after a week’s absence. Sunday night skins took a toll on me last week and I missed my deadline.
The Golf Course is beginning with a new format for Monday nights. We are playing skins on Mondays until Men’s Summer league begins again.
So two weeks ago, Monday Skins were won by Todd and Graham, Graham also won a skin and a KP on the same hole with a birdie. Poke also won a KP on #8
Wednesday had 24 players, who were all marveling about the incredible shape the course is in at this time. We have had many players tell us that it’s the best shape they have ever seen it and it really is nice for our large staff of dedicated volunteers to hear those words of encouragement.
I finally got a KP, it was on #17 and about 3 feet out, I don’t remember if I made the putt because my arm was about out of place from patting myself on the back. I backed that up with long drive on #18, with a crusher that hit a dry spot and bounced merrily almost to the ditch. Zion picked up all the skins with a birdie on #16, he also got a KP on that hole that earned him the carry-over KP from #13 so he basically made his house payment that night.
Thursday ladies reported a bunch of pars and a birdie again. They are tuning up the skill level weekly and having a great time out there. They start at about 4 on Thursdays and welcome any skill level as they play Scramble, in which three or four hit and then pick the best shot and they all hit from there each shot so it doesn’t matter if you hit good or bad and it’s rewarding for everyone to be able to hit from nice spots on the fairway.
Friday night guys had 13 show up and Tyler got a KP on 4, Todd nailed one about 5 inches from the cup on #8 and Todd, Tyler and Dustin took the skins.
Sunday night skins only had a few guys show up but the weather was warm and breezy and possibly the nicest weather that we have had all summer. Fall is beautiful with the leaves beginning to turn but soon we will be running the leaf blowers again and what a job that always is. If it’s dry enough to burn it’s too risky but if it’s wet enough to lower the risk the leaves just smolder and make smoke. The piles eventually do decompose but it takes until July for that to happen.
And for last Monday, we had a nice group of about 13. Troy won a skin and KP on #8 by landing on right next to the pin, nearly a hole-in-one but the ball backed up about 2 feet instead of rolling into the hole. He sunk the putt and impressed everyone. Poke hit a great second shot on #7 and sunk the putt for a birdie for another skin. Bruce brought out Danielle and she must have been his good luck charm because he also won a skin. Danielle plays Thursdays with the ladies and it was nice to have her come out with the guys. She uses her whole body to strike the ball and was hitting almost as far as the guys.
Colby and Emily traveled to Ashland to do a demo with our sausage and jerky and made a tee-time at Oak Knoll, one of the most beautiful courses in the area. They had a 10 a.m. tee-time and were held up by the 9:45 people who were running very late so they went outside to practice putting. They said that they didn’t see any green grass and the putting green was closed. Turns out that the city of Ashland has ended up owning the course but they have no water so the entire course is dead and all of the greens are closed. They decided to go to Bear Creek, a little pitch and putt course next to Harry and David field in Medford and report that it is in good shape and they had a nice time over there.
And this last Sunday, Todd called a special $20 skins and $10 poker hand tournament. 10 guys put up cash (I missed it because the grapes needed to be picked and crushed for wine) so there was $200 in the skins and $100 in the poker hand. There was only one skin won which was by Chris who chipped in for birdie on #6 so he took home $200. The poker hand was won by Ryan who missed getting a skin by failing to sink a 4-foot putt on #5 after hitting two great shots to be on the green on that difficult narrow hole. Ryan has been faithfully putting money in the pots for all Summer so it’s nice that he won a few bucks back.
Glowball is this Friday night at dusk. There will be snacks and we will only be playing 9 holes so you can get home before midnight.