Eagles best Cougars 50 – 21

The Cougars were no match for the North Douglas-Yoncalla War Eagles during their home game at Illinois Valley High School Oct. 7, although they fought valiantly to best their opponents.
The game started off a bit shakily, with the War Eagles scoring two touchdowns and taking the lead 13-0 in the beginning of the first quarter. Despite this blow to morale, the Cougars tried their best to catch up and ended up making their own touchdown, bringing the score t0 13-7. Unfortunately, this only seemed to fuel the War Eagles’ fire, as by the end of the first quarter the score was a resounding 21-7, with the War Eagles in the lead.
During the second quarter the Cougars started out strong, but the War Eagles managed to steal the ball. Despite their opponents being penalized and set back toward the middle of the quarter, the home team was unable to compete with the War Eagles’ strategic maneuvers across the field. The War Eagles soon scored three touchdowns to the Cougars’ one, bringing the score to 44-13 by halftime.
In the third quarter, the Cougars came roaring back onto the field, but the War Eagles once again managed to make the first touchdown. Illinois Valley countered this by making one of their own, but by the time the third quarter ended, the score was 50-21, giving the War Eagles a clear and definitive lead.
Things got serious in the fourth and final quarter, with the Cougars rallying their defense and keeping the War Eagles from scoring. About halfway through the quarter, the cheerleaders leant the players support from the sidelines with cries of “We want a touchdown!” and the Cougars obliged. Though they only had 29 points to the War Eagles’ 50 by the end of the game, those final eight points must have felt incredibly good for the home team to have accomplished.