Refurbished ballot boxes
returned throughout County

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — Josephine County’s official ballot boxes have been returned to their respective locations throughout the county following scheduled maintenance with fresh paint and new branding.
County maintenance crews removed the five official ballot boxes on the morning of June 22 for cleaning and refurbishing. The boxes were then painted and the county’s logo was applied.
Crews reinstalled all boxes Sept. 16. Four of the five boxes were returned to their original locations, while the Merlin box was relocated to the parking lot of Ray’s Food Place, 3500 Merlin Road. This ballot box had been located on Monument Drive.
“It will be hard for voters to miss these bright, clean ballot boxes with our county’s logo,” said Rhiannon Henkels, Josephine County clerk. “I want to thank Grants Pass Collision, Ferguson Fabrication, Logan Design and our Josephine County maintenance workers for doing such a great job with this project.”
In the May 2022 primary election, more than 60 percent of Josephine County voters returned their ballots using a county ballot box.
For a complete list of ballot box locations and more information about local elections, see Josephinecounty.gov/elections.