Tee Tattler

Happy fall and fall weather from the Illinois Valley Country Club. The course is looking very pretty with the green areas expanding outward from the fairways and into the roughs and the trees beginning to change to the lovely oranges, gold, tan and browns that Autumn brings. Very soon we will be battling piles of leaves again!
Monday night Men’s League ended with a nice turnout of guys. Bruce Reece noted that he beat three of the Honey Pots but failed to remember to put in his money in the pro shop.
Final standings:
Taylor’s Sausage1-206
Taylor’s Sausage2/ Valley Fabrication-197
Robbins Brothers-173
Kerby Electric-162
Jerry’s Towing-159
Bud Bros-154
Selma Second Hand-150
KALA Seafood-145
Wilbur’s Stained Glass-130
John L Scott Realty-126
Luke Harris & Todd Bartlett-117
3 Ridge Ranch-116
Valley Boyz-107
True Value 1-99
Ryan and Eric-94
Team Rossi-90
Cam and Aahron-84
True Value2-74
Moe and Skylar-69
We will be conducting a weekly Men’s Club post-season tournament that will start on Mondays and end on Sundays of each week. Winners will be decided weekly and payouts will be distributed the next Monday. You don’t need to play every week to take part, just show up at 4 p.m. or so on Mondays and sign up for the week.
On Tuesday, John Sloan and Matt O’Donnell and I traveled to Roseburg to play the brand-new Bar Run Golf Course. It sits upon a bend in the Umpqua River and it is an active gravel extraction plant with cement towers and gravel extracting machinery. The owners have identified the location as being great for overnight RVs and they have built about 50 spaces so far with many more planned for the near future. The course was opened in phases with a few holes open for play then a few more and so on until the whole course was open. Much of the grass appears to be very stable already and a lot of it appears to be the same type of grass used at Bandon Dunes. There are numerous concrete features like bridges, walls, etc. made from a very white concrete. The holes are not especially long and the views are awesome of the surrounding farmland, Hazelnut orchards and steep mountains. Nearly half the course appears to be a giant lake and a few smaller ponds and it runs along the river for 4 holes.
Thursday Ladies had eight women show up. Chix with Stix scored 39 and had birdies on 15 and 17. The “Sue”ses skipped #8, didn’t score well but report that they had a great time, oh, and they got a birdie on #13. Stephanie and Kim snuck a couple of boys out with them and probably had a miserable time ha ha. Chix with Stix were able to spend a little time in the clubhouse for cocktails following golf.
Friday night friends, family and kids’ night had 23 people on the teebox, we made it back in just as it got dark. Zion won the poker hand with a $110 payout and Chris won 6 skins for an $85 payout with one skin going to Todd on #1 and the remaining 2 going to D’Lynn on #3.
Saturday was the second half of the Home and Home with the Men’s Club from Applegate and at our course. They brought out 12 teams and we had 14 so the course was filled and all carts were used. We won 27 to 8 based on a 3-point possible front nine, back nine and combined score. We served them up a nice whole smoked hog, AuGratin Potatoes and tossed green salad with blackberry pie for dessert. Notables were former IVCC members Roger Hults Sr and his kid Billy, I think Roger shot a net score of about 12 under par, with 6 birdies and an Eagle on the front nine. Former operator of our Pro Shop and restaurant, Dave Muswieck also played for Applegate. It was a lot of fun getting to golf with those guys. After dinner we got a few guys together and played a $20 skins tournament. We were some tired old men by the end of all of that and the carts barely made it back to the clubhouse.
Coming up-family friends and kids’ nights on Fridays with glow ball on the range afterwards.
Men’s Club weekly tournament play, sign in and play your match when you’re available during the week, collect cash prizes at the end of each week.