Life in the Valley of Riches

The newspaper you are reading is the last one the Medford Mail Tribune will print for us. After 11 years, nearly 575 editions of the Illinois Valley News later, they have quit printing newspapers and have gone all digital.
While we have fixed the problem by finding a new printer, there is a more pressing issue on my mind – the breakin and theft of office documents at the Historic Laurel Cemetery.
The theft of yard equipment will now make it harder to maintain the cemetery, and that by itself is enough to make most mad. But the real heinous crime here is they took the maps that contain who owns what plot. Do you want to check out great-grandma’s gravesite? Unless you have been there before, good luck finding it. You will have to search the entire cemetery looking for her headstone.
I doubt if you did this your are reading this paper, but in the off chance that you are, please return the documents you took; they have zero value to you. If you want to give them back, but don’t want to be caught, just slip a sheet of paper under the I.V. News office door stating where they can be located.
As for the newspaper, fortunately for us, the Grants Pass Daily Courier has agreed to take us on starting with the Oct. 5 edition. Because it’s a different press and there are different people doing pre-press work, it may take a few weeks for us to dial in our photos for color and contrast.
Thank you for picking up this week’s paper, enjoy! ~ djm