Tee Tattler by Terry Taylor

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
Men’s Club will be playing for final standings this week, leaders today, top ten only, next week, full field placings:
Taylor’s Sausage1
Taylor’s Sausage2/Valley Fabrication
Jerry’s Towing
Bud Bros
KALA Seafood
Robbins Brothers
John L Scott Realty
Kerby Electric
Selma Second Hand
Wednesday night skins had a nice group of about 11 guys. David chipped in for birdie on 15 for one skin. Jim Losey and Todd won skins as well. Poke, David and Todd all won KPs and Colby won the poker hand with six cards total and two pairs-sixes and tens.
Thursday night ladies scored a respectable 42 and pulled the glow balls out to finish the last two holes as they lost about 10 balls on #7 in the increasing darkness. I have been trying to convince them to start at 4:30 but they seem to like the glow balls.
Friday night skins had just a few guys show up at 4:45 and finish before dark. Todd and Zion took skins of about $20 each.
The guys all traveled to Applegate Golf Course for the first leg of the HOME AND HOME TOURNAMENT, fearing the new pros who have just become members over there. They should not have feared them as our guys shot lights-out! Todd and Tyler took first with a net 61. As many of our members are very busy this time of year and could not travel, Scott Kern’s score was used on three teams and he shot very well with a 62 net for both teams, one with Mike Milner and one with Don Peterson. Scott’s score was also used for the fourth place team with a 64. The best score for the Applegate guys was a tie for fifth place with Chris Olson and Zion Pittman against lives-in-the-Illinois Valley-but-plays-mostly-at-Applegate-Dan Day with a 65. Other guys who went over there included: Chaise and D’Lynn; Troy and Jim Losey; Eugene and Byrne and Roland and Ryan. Dave Muswieck and Nathan Englehorn (both ex-pros) playing for Applegate did manage to take two of the possible three points from Chaise and D’Lynn. Total tally was Applegate with eight points and I.V. with a whopping 19. This coming Saturday we will be hosting Applegate for the second part of the Home and Home. We encourage spectators so come on down and join in for some good-natured hazing, sipping some nice wines in the autumn weather and some good food from Gimmee’s menu or we will be serving up a steak dinner for $15.
Coming events: Monday—last night of twilight league. Wednesday–$5 skins; Thursday-Ladies’ night; Friday-$5 skins; Saturday-Home and Home and Sunday evening (if everyone isn’t too tired from the week)-$5 skins.