Tee tattler

by Terry Taylor

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club Golf Course.
Last week was hectic, so I missed the deadline for publication, there was a lot of activity but not enough room in the paper to put both weeks’ news.
In Men’s Club standings:
Taylor’s Sausage1-188
Taylors2/Valley Fabrication-173
Robbins Brothers-169
FLA making a late-season charge-152
Kerby Electric-149
Jerry’s Towing also making a late charge-143
Bud Bros-142
KALA Seafood-139
Selma Second Hand-126
Luke and Todd-117
Wilbur’s Stained Glass-115
3 Ridge Ranch-109
True Value-92
Team Rossi-90
Valley Boyz-89
Cam and Ahron-84
Ryan and Eric-82
True Value2-74
Moe and Skylar-57
Honey Pot winners-Poke Bruce and Troy with 1 each and D’Lynn won the other 4!
Wednesday evening had 18 guys show up. Zion won his first skin and it was the only skin so it paid $80 for a 5$ entry fee. Todd had a pair of Kings to win the poker hand of $90. Chris had seven cards but no luck with pairs.
The ladies group had 13 show up and posted some incredible scores this week despite us watering the fairways in preparation for the Calcutta 3-person scramble. I almost got punched in the nose from turning water on and off so many times trying to get the little corners and dry spots on the greens ready but the ladies were gracious and put up with the inconvenience (I think they got sprayed a little and enjoyed it because it got up to 104 that afternoon).
Friday evening was the sign-ups for the Calcutta tournament. We also played the horserace and got finished after dark with a chip-off for the low handicap guys and the high handicaps. Nate from Applegate beat Billy Hults for the A division, Luke from Applegate won the C division and Roland won the B.
After the horserace we settled onto the patio and enjoyed a really nice taco bar dinner made by Laura Christiansen. The we began the auction for teams. D’Lynn’, Troy and Poke and Dustin, Nate and Luke teams sold for $1,600 each. Roger Hults, Mike and Huey at $1,350; Terry, Billy and John at $1,200; Ryan, Dennis and Gary at $900; Jim, Tom and Zion fetched $850; Todd, Dalton and Graham at $800; Scott, Travis and Matt at $600, as well as Jake, Jimmy and Justin; Chris, Ryan and Roland at $450; and newcomers and late entrants and recent buyers of the old Siskiyou Vineyards Mitchell, Travis and Barry sold for $200. Total amount of purse was $10,150, a new high for our golf course.
Saturday morning we teed off at 9 a.m.. Mike, Kendyl and Eugene collected entry fees and got everything nicely in order to get us all out to the teeboxes on time. Stephanie and her friend set up a nice splash-for cash booth at the meeting place between #4 and #6 greens and put together a nice little store with beer, snacks, golf balls, towels etc. They raised $150 for the Splash for cash which was won by Nate ($100) and Jake ($50).
A Ribeye steak and blackberry cobbler with ice cream dinner was served following the tourney by Buddy and Laura-yumm.
Winners were: First gross-Roger, Huey and Mike with 11-under. First net-D’Lynn, Troy and Poke with 57.3. Both 1st places received $2,740 for the buyers of the teams. Second gross was Terry, Billy and John with 4-under and second net was Ryan, Dennis and Gary with 64.4 and paid $1,825 for the buyers of each team.
The course is now in excellent condition. We will continue Family, Friends and Kids night on Fridays throughout the fall and winter. We start at three hours before dusk as the daylight hours decline.