Tee Tattler by Terri Taylor

Happy mid-summer’s greetings from the golf course at the Illinois Valley Country Club.
In this week’s Men’s Club action:
Taylor’s1 remains on top at 156
Robbins Brothers moves up to tie Taylor’s 2/Valley Fabrication at 143
Kerby Electric continuing to hang in there with 131
Jerry’s Towing slips a little as Scotty was out of town-127
John L Scott continuing their rise in standings 125
LPA struggling a little at 118
Bud Bros tied with KALA Seafood at 116
Luke Harris and Todd doing well at 110
Selma Second Hand, I think Larry has been spending too much time on the mower, slips a little to 109
Wilbur’s Stained Glass 98
Team Rossi could be contenders but spend too much time on farm at 90
3 Ridge Ranch, busy summer for Bruce and Jon at 89
John and James Valley Boyz—71
True Value—67
Ryan and Eric, Joel Dierkes and Cam and Aaron all at 60
And Moe and Skylar finishing it off at 33 (Moe needs to show up more often)
Ladies looking good on Thursday night with a birdie again. Eugene thinks they need to start earlier as they get in just after dark every week! It’s going to be a battle for Ladies’ Club Champion.
Friday night guys had 15 fellas show up and passed out some really good prize money. Of course D’Lynn, Colby and Todd took home most of the cash, but Zion has been collecting some nice fundage. Jake White collected his first skin at $20, so he’s pretty jazzed about that.
Saturday was a fundraiser tournament at Grants Pass Golf Club and we took 16 guys over there as a bachelor party for me (getting married this week to my long-time sweetheart Tracy). We managed some good scores against the locals and had a new item tossed in—they were selling mulligans and a “throw.” The “throw” being that one guy on the team would get to throw the ball instead of hitting it. The weird part is that the throw did not count as a stroke, so cousin Tannon and Uncle Clay’s team hit a bomb on a 5-par, threw the ball onto the green and then knocked in a putt for a 2—three under par. We call this an “Albatross”; quite a feat!
Normally a bachelor party will include a trip to the strip club but my idea was to come back to Cave Junction and play another 9 holes. John, Jake, Zion, Ryan, Roland and I played skins. Zion clobbered a few and the gang is urging him to get some polish on his game and see if he can go pro—he’s only 18 years old. Roland has just started playing again after a long leave of absence and has gotten his swing dialed in nicely with some serious long drives. We finished up at dusk and I made it home and in bed before 11 p.m., not a bad bachelor party evening.