Tee tattler by Terri Taylor

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
This week’s standings for Men’s Club, top 10 only as it was a busy week:
Taylor’s Sausage1-144
Robbins Brothers Tyler and Chaise making a charge at it-133
Taylor’s Sausage2/Valley Fabrication—131
Kerby Electric hanging in there—122
Tied for 5th, John L Scott Realty and Jerry’s Towing—118
Bud Bros—112
KALA Seafood—111
Selma Second Hand—107
Notables for Honey Pots—3rd shot KP #18, D’Lynn; KP #13 Dalton; KP #17, Wilber stuck one about 3 feet from the pin, almost a hole-in-one; long drive #12, Jon returned after bringing his youth baseball team to state and coaching summer football to knock one around the dogleg and nearly onto the green; KP #16 Roland stuck the extremely difficult green from 180 yards (I put one on as well, but way in the back); long drive #14 Bruce launched one all the way to the end of the very narrow fairway.
Wednesday night skins had a small group this week. The weather was just spectacular with 84 degrees and a gentle breeze all evening. Wish it was like that year-round! Graham surprised us all with his new-found swing and predicting that he would be able to beat his Dad soon.
Thursday night ladies had a small group and they report that they had another birdie. Jamie was warming up to go with me, Scott and Colby to glow ball at Applegate (more on that later).
Friday night skins had a huge group of 17 guys. Emily and Jamie played a hole in front of us so that they would not be intimidated by all the rowdy boys. James showed up after a long absence and won all three KPs for $72. Todd chipped in twice for extra cards and ended up with 10 cards in his hand with 2 pairs- jacks and 5s for $90, plus he also won all of the skins for another $75.
Saturday was an action-packed day for the Jesse and Mighty tournament with every tee-box occupied by six players. Ken Swift came out and sat on the memorial bench on #8 and was forcibly fed Pendleton all day by the very supportive friends, he appreciated the fellowship and had a real nice time. Winners were Dustin, Nate and Evan with 31; second was Mark, Tanner and Roland-32; and for fun, last place was Victoria, Rhino and Woody with 50. Honey pots winners were Dustin with three, Nate with two, Colby with two and team Reese’s Clay and Sierra with one each. Dustin took home $35+$40+$40+$40 for $155.
Colby, Jamie, Scott and I had to cut out early for the Applegate glow ball. Chuck fed us a nice dinner in between the daylight 9 holes and the after-dark 9 holes. Our team won low gross for the medium handicaps. I took quite a bit of hazing after dark from the Applegate team, with whom we were sharing tee-boxes, but I handled the added stress (laughter) by outdriving those jerks on a few holes. We finally made it home by about 2 a.m. Sunday morning.
On Sunday, only six guys showed up and Graham reported that he had indeed beaten his Dad over the weekend. Graham won all of the KPs with a carry-over on #8 for $18. John won Long Drive on 9 with a bomber that almost went into the cross ditch. Skins were won by John with 1, Graham- 4 and Eugene- 2.