Her life in the Valley of Riches

Just wanted to remind our readers that the Illinois Valley News provides FREE content for our community.
Many newspapers in the region charge for obituaries by the column inch, but we do it for free without a word limit. The only charge is $10 if you would like to publish a photograph with it. Other free content/text includes announcements such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, births, celebrations, sporting events and memorials. And of course, if you want to “go big” with a display ad and color graphics, our staff can help you plan this for a reasonable price.
In the age of social media, it seems many forget that not everybody is on Facebook or Instagram. I can tell you that my younger sister, Cindy Potter, who lives in South Dakota, is an example of this. She is more likely to see a graduation announcement published in the newspaper that she reads weekly than on social media.
Other freebies are included on the classified page. If you find a wallet or some keys and want to return them to their rightful owners, “Lost and Found” is free. We also do “Personal” ads for free. If you are looking for a special someone to contact you in the Valley, contact your local paper.
Now that we have a website, the Classifieds are uploaded and able to be viewed by anyone looking at the theivnews.com page. So, if you have a business to advertise, it would be a great investment to purchase an ad for this page.
The “Save the Date” section is located right here on the bottom of A-2. If you are providing a free event or community service, you can have it added to this section free of charge.
And let’s not forget the Tales of the Rural Patrol. While getting your name listed is free, in the long run you might want to avoid that.
How do you contact the Illinois Valley News? You can call at 541-592-2541 and please leave a voicemail if we are not available to answer. You can also email dan or laura@theivnews.com. And last, but not least, come in for a visit Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., but I recommend you call first, just in case we are out on a newspaper assignment.
Dan and I are determined to keep your local paper thriving and I hope you will continue to support us. Thanks for picking up this week’s paper. Enjoy!