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Dear Editor,
This may be an unpopular position. But these are unpopular times. I want to add my name in support of secure funding for law enforcement in Josephine County.
The associated patchwork of band aid funding over the years has failed the community and invited a criminal element to our roadways. You can no longer park your vehicle by a trailhead or swim hole without the fear of it being vandalized or having your catalytic converter stolen.
I no longer feel that Josephine County is a safe place to live. That’s a big problem for me or anyone else who doesn’t want to live in an unsafe place.
I am a senior citizen who is on a fixed income. I really feel that a broke income better describes my situation, since I usually seem to be broke. And as unappetizing as taxes sound, I believe that we cannot afford to continue on with insufficient law enforcement in Josephine County.
The idea to impose a local sales tax is just another band aid fix that would be a burden to local businesses. It would not provide enough funding for a stable expanded law enforcement presence.
Secure funding would have to be provided by raising property taxes. Josephine County property owners have the most to gain from the expanded law enforcement presence, so property owners need to carry the burden.
Do we want to let the criminals continue to dominate our roadways or do we fight back with a plan to provide secure funding for our dedicated law enforcement officers? This is a no brainer if you value security.
If we don’t step up to improve this situation, it most certainly will get worse.
Greg Horton – Holland