Tee Tattler by Terri Taylor

Happy summer heat from the Illinois Valley Country Club:

Standings this week for Men’s Club:
Taylor’s Sausage1-122
Taylor’s2/ Valley Fabrication—117
Kerby Electric-114
Robbins Brothers-111
Jerrys Towing-104
KALA Seafood-103
John L Scott Realty-101
Selma Second Hand-96
Bud Bros-96
Luke and Todd-90
Wilbur’s Stained Glass-72
Valley Boyz-60
3 Ridge Ranch-59
Ryan and Eric-52
True Value-50
Team Rossi-45
Cam and AAhron-37
Moe and Skylar-26

The Kid’s Golf had their little tournament and the pizza and ice cream awards ceremony last week. We sent every cart out so they didn’t have to walk like we did when we were in kid’s golf. Winners listed ion A-10. Those little kids showed a lot of enthusiasm and improved quite a bit over the summer but the favorite activity for the boys was playing in the creek trying to catch frogs.
Ladies Thursday night had a few die-hard women show up and brave the heat. A small group also came out on Tuesday to polish up their games for Club Championship coming up in the Fall. Emily, Melyndie, Jamie, Jaime, Meghan and Melissa teamed up and scored a 43 for nine holes and got a birdie on number 8.
Don Peterson was spotted out on the course with a gang of women who turned out to be nieces and cousins. For their first time golfing they were hitting it a mile, turns out that they’re all ace softball players and we likely ruined their softball swings with our coaching.
Wednesday skins winners were: KP-Nick, Troy and Todd. Todd also won the poker with 2 Aces, Queen high and he also won all the skins.
A group of guys traveled to the Centennial Golf Course in Phoenix, Oregon Friday afternoon for a 3-day tournament. Our team were me, Todd, D’Lynn, Troy and John; we also brought Roger, Dan and Dustin. We saw 115F on Friday evening which started us off in sorrowful need of liquid refreshments. This caused our team to place a bet with Roger Hults and Tannon’s team for $100 per man for the following 2 days. We barely lost to them by only 8 strokes (ha ha). The Centennial guys put on a real nice tournament with lunches included and real nice appetizers in the evenings and a hosted bar the entire weekend. Todd was in the money at 5th net score.
And finally, the city of Cave Junction voted to extend our lease for 2 more years. We had asked if they would sell us the clubhouse but were turned down on that one. Hoping that they change their minds sometime in the future and allow us to again own our clubhouse and get it off of the city property list.